The Cost of College in Jacksonville

How much does it cost to attend college in Jacksonville, Florida?

Here’s a rundown of tuition for 2011-2012 for a dozen colleges/universities in Jacksonville, listed from highest to lowest tuition costs. The information is from the National Center for Education Statistics. The list includes public and private institutions.

Kaplan College-Jacksonville (Private for-profit) Total enrollment: 177  Tuition & fees $28,815

Jacksonville University (Private Not-for-profit) Total enrollment: 3,715  Tuition & fees $27,900

Virginia College-Jacksonville (Private for-profit) Total enrollment: 465 Tuition & fees $17,620

Keiser Career College-Jacksonville (Private for-profit) Total enrollment: 187  Tuition & fees $15,064

Everest University-Jacksonville (Private for-profit) Total enrollment: 787  Tuition & fees $14,976

Sanford-Brown Institute-Jacksonville (Private for-profit) Total enrollment: 776  Tuition & fees $12,647

Edward Waters College (Private Not-for-profit) Total enrollment: 751   Tuition & fees $10,994

University of Phoenix-North Florida Campus (Private for-profit) Total enrollment: 1,365  Tuition & fees $10,858

Trinity Baptist College (Private Not-for-profit) Total enrollment:278  Tuition & fees $8,730

Jones College-Jacksonville (Private not-for-profit) Total enrollment: 644  Tuition & fees $7,410

University of North Florida (Public) Total enrollment: 16,198  Tuition & fees In-state $5,627  Out-of-state $19,015

Florida State College at Jacksonville (Public) Total enrollment: 30,863  Tuition & fees  In-state $2,708  Out-of-state $9,492

SOURCE: Institute of Education Services,  National Center for Education Services, U.S. Department of Education. 2012. Search for colleges in Jacksonville, FL.

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