Churning the Bucks, Turning my Stomach

It’s not a good thing to turn on TV early in the morning.  This is especially so when you have limited cable access. What shows up on the screen is the 700 Club and its rendition of “Give Money, Save the Poor, Pitiful Girl.”  This is objectionable in the worst way.

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The honey-voiced, sallow-faced commentator explains how the little girl had an eye problem and because of this, experienced the scourge of bullying from her classmates as she walked to school.  Of course, to make her image and the story palatable to viewers, this little girl is cute and charming. There is no disfigurement. There’s not even a hint of a visual problem as she stares at the camera, lip synching her story while a female voice translates her tale of woe.

The commentator tells us how they saved this little girl from bullying by paying for her eye surgery. No details, of course, on the type of  “surgery” performed or even a diagnosis of her condition. There’s not even an explanation for how the visually impaired girl is aware of this bullying when she has such a hard time seeing who is saying what and to whom.

But viewers need a hook, and the little girl serves that purpose.

A cadre of volunteers are ready to take those calls, and to make the whole thing easier, there’s an electronic pledge program. Money will come out of bank accounts every month, saving the viewers the inconvenience of writing a check or reconsidering the amount of that donation or possibly, wondering just how much that damn surgery cost.

But they do get a freebie! With their donation, these TV evangels will unlock the secrets of the hereafter. Life Beyond the Grave, Part II will surely give comfort to those still wondering about this mystery.

Yes, it’s all disgusting. And much too shameful to ignore early in the morning.

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