Wagging on the Short Leash of Insanity

I’ve decided we are being played. And we are falling for it.

“We” are the bloc of intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable and usually quiet people who make up the bulk of the U.S. population. Each time one of us reacts to a proclamation, threat, utterance, defamation or otherwise foolish idea presented in loud, surly, hostile tones by them, we are being played.

“Them” is that concentrated minority of extreme voices screaming from the far right side of the political and social spectrum.

When they yell “Jump!,” we jump. When they snarl and bare their teeth, we snarl back in progressively less intelligent and less sane responses.

They are leading us on a short leash of insanity and we are wagging our tails. We thought that they would listen to reason. We thought they would be unnerved by ridicule. We were wrong. We are wrong.

Think about it… Is it possible that insane people have made their way into the U.S. Congress? Is it possible that whole numbers of crazy people have managed such a feat? No.

Their insanity is deliberate. It is not insanity at all but a convoluted diversion from the real matters of importance.

They are leading us, and I include the President, further away from concrete issues that maintain or weaken the infrastructure of this country. Things like poverty, education, technological and scientific advancements, a sound and fluid economy – these are usurped by the clanging of swords and the reciprocal snapping of jaws.

Nothing is accomplished. And that is exactly what they want.

The best that we can do is ignore them. Or give them a chuckle, a pat on the head, and remind them that they have work to do. This is how we deflect their contrived insanity – by reminding them that they have work to do. Remind them of this every day. Tweet them. Email them. Respond to their “insanity” with the unperturbed response. Do not be drawn into their game, do not react to their antics. Tell them, over and over: “You are a member of the United States House of Representatives. You have a job to do. Get to work!”


    1. Let’s hope that that trend can be reversed. I think the power of the virtual world can act as a strong countermeasure – and we know that more and more people are wired. Obama makes use of social media. He was smart in that, and now he needs to ramp it up. Likewise, each one of us who recognizes the craziness has an obligation to call it and to put forward the sane and sensible view. The voices of the absurd have to be put in perspective.


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