JC Penney Shoppers – Meet the Utah Gunslinger

And then there is this.

This photo and a few others by Cindy Yorgason are all over the internet, the print media and cable news.

A 22 year-old gunslinger walks into a Utah JCPenny store with an assault weapon slung across his back and a loaded Glock pistol strapped to his hip.

Why? Or WTF! Well the young man, who has all the needed gun permits for the state of Utah, wanted to prove that the guns are not dangerous.


On the other hand, he is armed for “protection” against unsavory types like “evil men” and “drug lords” who, as everyone knows, have taken the JCPenny store hostage!

OK, you got your day of publicity. Go home now and put those weapons in a safe. And while you’re beaming in the glow of the media blast, think on these questions:

  • If registered gun owners show up at malls with their weaponry on full display, how do law enforcement know whether they are “good guys” or “bad guys”?
  • If gun owners repeatedly show up in public places with their guns, what’s to stop a criminal from doing the same? Or, who can tell the “good guy” from the “bad guy”?
  • If flashing gun owners do this regularly and wear down the instincts of law enforcement and the public, what happens to those instincts?
  • And lastly, why didn’t you just paint a bulls eye where your brain is supposed to be? The one person who doesn’t recognize you as a “good guy” could use a better aim.
Utah gunslinger protecting JCPenny shoppers from “criminals, cartels, drug lords” and other “evil men.” January 2013. Photo Credit: AP/Cindy Yorgason.

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