The GOP: Strokes or Strikes?

According to the most recent Gallop poll, Congress has an approval rating of 14%.

This is even worse than the 15% approval rating they garnered at the end of 2012 – and that was the lowest recorded in recent time.

The Republicans in Congress bore the brunt of American disgust, and in this, there was no partisan divide. Both GOP and Democrats are sick of their inability to accomplish anything in a constructive way.

Most of the online community I read, watch or  listen to has rightly lambasted the GOP members of the U.S. House for its obstructionist action. I have thought about shifting our strategy of defilement to one of positive reinforcement.

Strokes or Strikes?

Gov. Chris Christie appealed to the “good” Republicans when he condemned Speaker Boehner and the GOP for failing to bring the Sandy relief package up for a vote prior to the 2012 holidays. Well, there are a few “good Republicans.”  They are slowly dragging themselves into an awareness that the mainstream considers them inept, and if there’s one quick way to get the attention of a politician, it’s a show of disapproval. And in this latest poll, there is massive disapproval.

But I am ambivalent about my idea of positive reinforcement. I just do not believe they are grown-up enough to benefit from strokes instead of strikes.

Instead of changing their behavior on a permanent basis, I believe the right wingers and their lackeys would instead mangle the encouragement, recast it in Orwellian fashion and fall back into their divisive ways. In other words, a relapse would occur. They simply aren’t mature, self-correcting individuals who can be left on their own.

Behavior mod is needed – in large doses and with frequent repetition. Negative reinforcement must be applied steadily. Each time Louie Gohmert opens his mouth and utters a stupidity, he needs a thousands tweets that demean his stupidity. Every time Speaker Boehner comes up with a Plan B, a hundred thousand Americans need to criticize his choice. And every time Sen. Rubio reframes the President’s ideas as his own, a full scale letter to the editor campaign must be activated.

No, strokes will not work. The GOP in the House are still in maintenance mode. Therapy must continue.

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