Eye Rolls and Snipers

I suppose by now the video showing the First Lady supposedly rolling her eyes at Speaker Boehner at the Inaugural brunch is embedded in just about every so-called progressive publication, page, twitter stream, FB update and Google+ status.

Just in case you missed it, here’s the video.

Call me different because the isolated snippet and the many rude responses trouble me. Not only do we have no idea what prompted that eye roll, we also have no clue about the conversation surrounding it. In other words, we don’t know whether Michelle Obama was showing disdain for the Speaker or caught reacting to something entirely different.

We have attached our own nasty little interpretation to the moment, and in doing so, have revealed ourselves as the bitter snipers that we are. The comments I’ve read about Boehner and his wife are rude, shallow, mean-spirited and disrespectful.

We can dislike the man. We can decry his statements, his opposition to the President, his party affiliation,  his mishandling of the House and all the repercussions this caused. But why indulge in hatefulness? Why sink to grade school jeering?

Now, I admit that the word “idiot” has appeared in my own twitter feed and FB page and Google+ updates. Boehner has angered me. The GOP and its Teapartiers have sent my reserve over the edge. But now that the people have spoken and Obama is our President again, I want to work for resolution, for compromise, for action, for movement forward.

I want to act in good faith and engage in civil discourse. Or as President Obama phrased it in his Inauguration Speech today, I will not equate “name calling with reasoned debate.”

Let’s join in this endeavor to talk sensibly and make the future one that is civil, mature and truly “progressive.”

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