John McCain: The Newest Roast

You’d think that Republican Senator John McCain would’ve established his party authenticity by now. He’s been a member of Congress for 30 years. He ran for President on the GOP ticket. He’s made plenty of appropriately partisan catcalls and hoots.

McCain showed party loyalty in this years’ Senate when he voted down the Middle Class Tax Cut Act and the Cybersecurity Act and then rejected Hagel as the Secretary of Defense. Those are pretty solid Republican moves.

But when McCain comes out as a vocal supporter of President Obama’s initiative to strike Syria in retaliation for chemical warfare, all hell breaks out.

Judging by the nastiness launched at him on the twittersphere, you’d think McCain, a veteran and prisoner of war, had joined Hillary Clinton on the 2014 ticket.

He has been scoffed at, denigrated and defamed. The least of these reactions is the label RINO. The worst assault originated from the Twitter strand #JohnMcCainIsMoreUselessThan, an ongoing rant that is both sickening and scary.

Now, to set the record straight: I’m not a McCain fan and I don’t vote Republican or Libertarian. In fact, my (mild) opinion is that McCain can be an insufferable ass, and that many of his actions and much of his rhetoric is motivated by his desire to leave a legacy as he approaches his 80th year and possibly, his final Senate term. I also believe that his years of imprisonment and torture have left a physical imprint in the form of Traumatic Brain Injury. His politics regarding women, choice and gun control are offensive and anachronistic. His singular support of Obama’s Syria plan, which I favor, does not change my perception or regard for McCain.

But I would not under any circumstance mock or insult McCain to the degree of these Twitters:

Or this:

Or this:

And these tweets are described as “lame” by one poster.

Maybe these are adults posting. Maybe they’re kids sitting in their social studies class. Maybe they are bored housewives or laid-off hubbies. Could be cops at a Dunkin Donuts or politicians at a closed hearing. Maybe they are Americans.

If they are, then the collective bunch of gigglers and asses do not deserve the energy I’ve invested in writing this post. Most assuredly, they don’t merit attention. And yet, how can this blemish on our nation be ignored? This is the really scary part.

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