Bump Boehner. It’s Now or Never.

House Speaker John Boehner

The quickest way to break the impasse in the U.S. House of Representatives is to vote out Speaker John Boehner.

Boehner has proven that even as the most influential member of the House,  he cannot govern his troops and cannot overcome the stranglehold of the Tea Party cadre.

With his removal, the majority of the majority, those “moderate” Republicans, will be free to break their pledge to him. More significantly, they will have the opportunity to revolt against the losing tactics of the Tea Party faction. The immediate result will be a call for a clean CR for a full House vote.

The more consequential effect of Boehner’s removal will be an opportunity for the House GOP and the Republican Party in general, to salvage its status as a functioning political party. The GOP must recoup its respect among dissatisfied rank and file members, and the time is now.

And regardless of who replaces Boehner, he or she will not carry his same influence. Even if a Tea Party rep is elected, the chance of corralling the bulk of the GOP around that losing and disgraceful agenda is negligible. House Republicans have witnessed the ongoing debacle wreaked by the Tea Party members; they have seen poll results.

It’s now or never. The House GOP must pull a coup of the coup. Bump Boehner. Displace the Tea Party agenda. Act as a functioning element. The results of not acting will be catastrophic. The present state of affairs – with a shuttered government, a dysfunctional Congress and sinking poll results – have already proven this actuality.

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