Good News: Freelance Job Board for Furloughed Workers

The future looked murky as site after government site went into standby mode, official twitter feeds came to a halt and government workers got their furlough notices. But in just five hours, a no frills job board, called was launched, offering relief and opportunity for those affected by the shuttered government.

The effort, which is currently up and running, is a partnership between Blen and 1776, two enterprises located in D.C. The job board contains two frames: Available Gigs and Freelancers. The postings for short term projects run the gamut from Drupal theming to policy analsyst to writing, research, developers, programming, sales and graphic design.  Job candidates are likewise diverse. There is a heavy emphasis on highly skilled professionals in fields such as Drupal, application development, systems integration and a host of edgy technology expertise that are alien to most people including me.

Blen, one of the partners in this quick start venture, describes itself as such:

BLEN Corp is a small, minority, and veteran-owned information technology firm located in Washington D.C. Since 2004, we have been ahead of the curve in early adaption and implementation of cutting edge technologies, from web site design & development to developing innovative web based solutions.

Its companion host, 1776, has a similar profile.

The most promising startups. The greatest challenges. 1776 is passionate about reinventing our lives as citizens. We connect startups with the resources they need to grow—from mentorship and corporate connections to capital and media attention—in sectors such as education, health, energy, and smart cities. is a Drupal-generated site hosted by Acquia Cloud, which furnishes the open cloud platform.

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