Choice Harry Quotes

Choice quotes from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid after meeting with President Obama and House Republicans today in efforts to find a way to re-open government and deal with a debt ceiling vote.


On House Republicans:

THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT.  I hope the Republicans decide what they want.

Said with a suggestion of sadness, a move past frustration and anger, acknowledging that Speaker John Boehner and the House GOP are twisting on their own petard.


On the reality of government service:

We are here. The government should be open. Now.


On working with GOP House proposals:

The House has a unique form of legislating: it’s hour by hour.

That Harry Reid can manage this slide of humor when faced with the slings and arrows, the nursery rhymes and hostage demands, the ineptitude and the dismal status of the government says much about this man’s will.


On the need for immediate reopening of the government.

There is so much pain and suffering out there. It is tear-jerking.

This is called compassion, a quality that is rarely demonstrated among House Republicans and their Tea Party comrades.


On negotiating with the House GOP before a debt ceiling is passed:

Not going to happen.

Brevity – also missing from GOP tirades.

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