Not Terrorism. Not Suicide. Not Homicide. What Then?

The tragic loss of 150 souls on the Germanwings Airbus Flight 4U9525 is a mystery that remains unresolved.

Andreas Lubitz, co-pilot of Germanwings Flight 9525, who has been assigned responsibility for the downing of the plane.

Yesterday, the NY Times broke a story based on an unnamed source, which claimed that the co-pilot locked the cockpit door of the airliner and was responsible for the senseless loss of lives.

This morning, the prosecutor assigned to the case in Marseilles, France held a press conference. His statements (tweeted below by a reporter at the presser) do nothing to explain why the co-pilot allegedly crashed the airliner into the face of the French Alps.

The prosecutor ruled out terrorism. He declined to say the co-pilot committed suicide. And, he also would not call the alleged actions of the co-pilot outright murder.



So why did this co-pilot, who has been deemed fit, experienced and vetted by his employer, as well as breathing and alive at the time of his supposed actions, lock out the pilot, manually change the navigation of Flight 9525 and then descend for eight to ten minutes directly into a mountainside?

At this moment, there is no explanation for these alleged actions.

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