WHAT IF: President Trump?


Plenty of us are waging scenarios about the upcoming Presidential elections. And with Donald Trump receiving endless media coverage, along with the oh-so-early poll data, it’s fitting to start this “What If” scenario with him.

The first question arriving for a President Trump would be: Who are my friends? This could also be phrased as: Who will be on my Cabinet, and Where can I wield power? Power is a huge thing for Trump. However, on his way to the Oval Office, he has effectively destroyed every fiefdom in which he might wield his gold septre.

Thus far, Trump has insulted elected politicians en masse. Just yesterday, at a New Hampshire rally, he spew his venom.

They know these politicians are all talk, no action, it is all bullshit, right?

All bullshit.

This kind of rhetoric would cause shivers for most politicians, especially those in the GOP camp. Kharma will strike full force as a President Trump inflicts upon them the kind of bullying they have dished out the last eight years.  He’ll put them in their place as subservients, sure. But what happens for example, when he wants to build that damn wall or deport 11 million illegal immigrants? Will a President Trump cuss and fume and expect that Congress will bend to his will? Or does he plan to pay for these crazed proposals out-of-pocket?

Has a President Trump built any coalitions on his way to the White House?

Sen. Ted Cruz, his nearest rival, maintained a cloying submissiveness toward Trump, as has Sen. Marco Rubio.  The other Congressional contender, Sen. Rand Paul, hasn’t bowed to his domination but that’s more a matter of stubborn arrogance. Nonetheless, when these boys retake their Senate seats, how likely are they to bend to the will of the grand master?

There will be a handful of submissives in Congress willing to do his bidding but these personalities are not known for wielding power and persuading. The Democrats will assuredly resist his every move. It’s likely that the veteran GOP will join forces in an unusual alliance to deny Trump both the revenue and laws to fulfill his campaign pledges.

Lots of questions here for a President Trump. Friends are imortant on The Hill. He has created enemy upon enemy.

Apart from Congress, a President Trump might wish for cooperation and applause from the media. But the fourth estate – its individual members and its networks – have taken a beating from Trump the candidate. He has no stakes in the major news conglomerates either. So a somewhat entertaining and bellicose candidate Trump would become a shunned, invisible President Trump.

What about The Billionaires? As candidate Trump has repeatedly boasted, his is a self-funded campaign, and he is beholden to no one. A President Trump would find those shunned money-men – the Koch brothers,  Grover Norquist, Sheldon Adelson – plotting anew, and he would be their target. Or more likely, Trump Enterprises would bear the brunt of their connving. At the end of his first term, a President Trump might well find himself made of brass and lead rather than gold and platinum.

Lastly, what about The People? After all, in this imaginary scenario, Trump has managed to excite the hatreds of millions, overcome the staunch Democratic following of Hillary Clinton, and blown away Bernie Sanders’ troops.  The Republicans, the Tea Partiers and all the dark money groups are in disarray.  What remains is a hodge podge of angry Americans expecting a miracle.

A President Trump will discover how fickle is the heart of an angry voter who does not get his or her way. When that wall remains a dusty fantasy, when those illegals remain and eventually gain a green card or citizenship papers, when the women, the Blacks, the Latinos, the Muslims, the LGBT, the elders, the Asians, the atheists, the digital nerds, the refugees, the Progressives, the evangelicals, the smart people, the urban poor, the college grads and the Greens find their voices and confront the small, angry mob of gunslingers – what will a President Trump do?

Let’s hope this question remains just a hypothetical. Let’s pray that a President Trump is nothing more than a blog scenario.

The reality is unimaginable.

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