Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two Democratic Presidential candidates versus the four GOP contenders with potential to gain the nomination.

These figures represent the latest aggregate* numbers from Real Clear Politics

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton

Clinton 46.3 – Trump 41.3   Spread: Clinton +5.0

General Election: Trump vs. Sanders

Sanders 44.3 – Trump 42.3   Spread: Sanders +2.0

General Election: Cruz vs. Clinton

Clinton 45.6  –  Cruz 45   Spread: Clinton +0.6

General Election: Cruz vs. Sanders

Sanders 45 – Cruz 41.7   Spread: Sanders +3.3

General Election: Rubio vs. Clinton

Clinton 44.2  –  Rubio 45.8   Spread: Rubio +1.6

General Election: Rubio vs. Sanders

Sanders 43  –  Rubio 44   Spread: Rubio +1

General Election: Carson vs. Clinton

Clinton 45.8  –  Carson 45.3   Spread: Clinton +0.5

General Election: Carson vs. Sanders

Sanders 44.8  –  Carson 44.3   Spread: Sanders +0.5

General Election: Bush vs. Clinton

Clinton 45.3  –  Bush 44   Spread: Clinton +1.3

General Election: Bush vs. Sanders

Sanders 45.3  –  Bush 42.3   Spread: Sanders +3

*Reflects data captured and then averaged from several nationwide polls.
SOURCE: Real Clear Politics:



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