The Revolution Livestreamed

Post Press Conference Video on 9 January 2016 at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Pete Santilli Livestream via ReFramed

In this livestream produced by Pete Santilli at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge,  we get some entertaining behind-the-scenes action.

Included is Santilli chatting with a NBC reporter and cameraman, frequent requests for donuts, and a directed chat with a fellow who looks like Donald Trump’s official campaign staffer and all-round tough guy, Jerry DeLemus.

We get to watch Santilli vaping [again], hear more talk about donuts and listen to him repeat “on the door handle!” six times in a row to his sidekick Deb. And then: “Go slow. Really slow. Exceptionally slow.” Apparently Pete thinks Deb has a hearing issue or is incapable of independent thought. (My guess is the latter.)

This livestream carries the unmistakable voice of LaVoy Finicum, talking from the back of Santilli’s vehicle. Pete introduces him through a sideways remark: “Last time we did this with LaVoy, we had our pictures plastered all over national media.”

Pete talks about the donuts again. “It’s a donation from our listeners,” he says, turning toward Finicum in the backseat.

LaVoy: “I think it was someone out in California. I’m not sure about that though.”

There are a few illuminating comments.

As Santilli chats with an “independent documentary filmmaker,” a title they both invented while heading to the Bundy compound, the filmmaker complains about “not getting anything” for a couple of days. What sounds like LaVoy’s voice responds with a laugh and says: “Something comes up!” The implication is that the Malheur occupiers create media events for publicity.

Another surprising comment comes from Deb as she and LaVoy slowly drive through the encampment.

Deb: We’ll probably end up getting kicked out. Security is falling apart…they’re leaving. We’ve heard Buddha left so…

The whispered asides by Deb will probably yield more interesting revelations should one be inclined to listen to the entire four-hour video.

Midway through the stream, we see Ammon Bundy’s children appear. There are people with sidearms. LaVoy gives an interview. Ryan Bundy is interviewed, and repeats the same script about the Constitution and the “people’s land.” The video shows a very active scene with many people milling around, familiar militia faces, and more donut talk.

And so it goes.

Watch the full video here. Note that the audio works but because of connection issues, the video may not display properly.

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