Militants Refuse to Surrender Malheur

Roadblock six miles from Malheur refuge south of Crane. @Oregonian

The remaining militia at the Malheur National Wilfdlife Refuge have refused to leave and are armed and calling for the murder of law enforcement blocking access to the site.

The last livestream from Malheur (below) was interrupted at approximately 12:20pm ET. In it, an unidentified armed man repeatedly called for help from other militia groups while claiming that militia are actually on the way. He called on others to kill law enforcement officers for refusing to honor their “oath.”

The livestream showed a small group of heavily armed people somewhere on the Malheur property while a front loader dug up and moved earth, appparently in an attempt to build a wall or create a moat.

Meanwhile, one occupier literally screamed into the video recorder, condemning all law enforcement and calling on “Patriots” to kill them.




Press have left the area and a large show of force has sealed off all access points to the refuge.



A slightly earlier series of streams from “DefendYourBase” were also cut short, presumably from an external source. Below are a few excerpts from that stream.

A press conference is scheduled for 10:30 am PT at the Harney County Chamber of Commerce.  According to the FBI news release, the following are expected to participate: FBI, Special Agent in Charge Greg Bretzing, United States Attorney’s Office, U.S. Attorney Bill Williams, and Harney County, Sheriff Dave Ward.


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