Nightcap with David Fry

A lot of us chose to stay just to see what would happen. ~David Fry, somewhere in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 12:24am, Jan. 28, 2016

Following the contracted episode known in social media as the #MalheurOccupation or #OregonStandOff has been an occasionally riveting, often infuriating experience, marked with pseudo press conferences, online derision, traumatized townspeople and one unfortunate death.

David Fry checking his live stream, January 27, 2016.

Twenty-eight year old David Fry, occupier-techie, turned the screw yet again when his live stream revealed a Patriot revolution in shambles.

Fry, a Cincinnati kid, fled the temperate climes of Costa Rica to connect with the gunslingers and Constitution-packers in freezing Oregon. According to him, the journey was fraught with challenge as he drove nonstop through a northwest snowstorm to reach his comrades. His motivation is still unclear. But what is certain is Fry’s actions after the leaders of the occupation were arrested. He took to the sagebrush and gave the world an amateur’s eye view of revolution at its ultimate worst.

Shortly after midnight, Fry launched a YouTube video showing the blackness of Oregon’s night sky and the warm and lively fronds of a campfire. Fry describes the “absolute chaos” that occurred after hearing “they killed” LaVoy Finicum and arrested other occupiers. (Full video below)

People were grabbing their things and zooming out. A lot of people left their guns behind.

As he narrates, the voices of a man and a woman can be heard in the background supplying details. Fry talks of rumors and arrests and the shock of being labeled a “domestic terrorist.”

Obviously, a lot of people are scared being labeled a terrorist or domestic terrorist.

Fry and his campfire companions, who earlier smoked a lot of dope and said their prayers, now seem more clear-headed as they concoct a rationale for their flight and, at the same time, make yet another demand on law enforcement.

He reveals that five occupiers remain. Four in his words “are allowed to leave.” One is charged with a felony and is subject to arrest. This person is Sean (Shawn), whose voice joins Fry in explaining he’s only been at Malheur four times. The campfire gang do not agree with the charges against Sean and his pending arrest.

Everybody feels it’s unfair.

Now, the “thumbs-up” commando Fry pleads with the FBI to let everybody go and to “drop the charges” against Sean.

We’re being reasonable. We’re trying to be peaceful.

He concludes the live stream with the promise that the group of five will remain if the FBI negotiator will not bend to their will. Fry signs off with this statement:

We’re all kinda willing to stay here and just see what happens. Are they really gonna kill five people for refusing to drop a charge on one man? And so uh, I think that’s kinda silly.

Fry and his four comrades-in-arms are the pitiful remnants of the people’s assault on federal land. Time will tell just how that question is answered.



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