The Maze of America



Broadly speaking, I dislike generalizations for all the usual reasons but in this post, I have to resort to that weakest of analogy, the catch-all phase. It serves a purpose just as the cliche, else there’d be no cliche. So. Things are messed up. We’re in deep doodoo. Maybe we’re fucked beyond repair. Smart people chase clues, looking for the head of the snake or the trace of its tail and are eaten alive. Ouroboros consumes them.


It’s motion without movement. The eternal return. Nihilistic angst. The whole thing propelled and poisoned by speed, the brevity of thought, that cosmic universe of the tweet, here a nanaosecond and then wooshed into oblivion.

I blame the internet. I do. We’re reduced to tribes, hurriedly coalescing around a peaen, a mantra, a character. Hillary is good. Hillary is an [expletive]. Bernie’s a toad. Bernie’s a saint. Revolution. Reform. Socialism. Democracy.

Dualism is everywhere. Shades of Grey is a fan fiction. A patriot is a Patriot. A Patriot is a terrorist. Governance. Tyranny. Shock jocks and livestreamers tint our sight, infect our hearing. Civility is Establishment.

Choose your side. There’s no room for contemplation. No excuse for hesitation.

Give me Freedom or shoot me. Live off the land. Save the earth.

It’s an unending blast of determatives. It’s a desperate grasp of expression. It’s an outside force. It’s god. It’s your neighbor. It’s You. It’s Them.

It’s America.

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