Bernie’s Failed Revolution

The revolution called for by Bernie Sanders will not occur. Its failure to launch hinges on one word: “Establishment.” Both the candidate and his followers have denounced this element. Their collective aim is to undo the workings of the Establishment.

Bernie’s strategy hinges on the unbuckling of Wall Street. For him, all social evil and economic disparity begins and ends with this conglomerate of financial institutions. Here is where his revolution – and that of his camp – will fail.

Regardless of who becomes the 45th President, one thing remains – Congress. If Bernie intends to attack Wall Street, he cannot do it by Executive Orders. He must work with Congress. Yet, almost to a person, the Democrats in both houses have said clearly that they do not support Bernie, that they have no intention of working with him, and in some cases, have outright criticized his capacity to effect change.

These votes of no confidence came via the massive endorsements of Hillary Clinton. Only two Congressmen have endorsed Bernie, and of course, their support will not persuade the remaining Democrats, and they will certainly not affect the Republicans, who currently hold a majority.

Yet Bernie continues his campaign, yells his familiar lines, and incites hatred against the “Establishment.” The establishment he is impugning includes those 467 members of Congress who have selected Hillary Clinton as their candidate.

In simplest terms, Bernie is burning his bridges before he arrives at the river. It is akin to political suicide.


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