Tweets-to-Go for Hillary

Below are ready-made (and customizable) tweets to help get out the vote for Hillary. These are listed in chronological order through the month of March.

Dip in. Copy. Paste. Tweet. Repeat. Feel free to alter!

Several important primaries are coming up in the next few weeks, including five on the 15th (March Madness) with big delegate counts.

28-hillary-clinton-w529-h352Hillary needs us flooding the Twittersphere with her name.

Let’s show our spirit and cheer her on to victory! Much bigger battles are coming for her. She’ll need every erg of energy! We can help put away Bernard Sanders so she can focus on the really bad guy.

She is the Real Revolution! Hillary is working for the people & supported by the people! #GOTV for #Hillary.

Tuesday, March 15 is #MarchMadness with five BIG Primaries. Help Hillary win them all & clinch this thing! #Hillary2016

Hillary will take on the NRA & work for #gunsense & safety. Bernie vows to protect the NRA. It’s a simple choice. #FLPrimary #OHPrimary

Hillary will stand up to the NRA. Her opponent has the approval of the NRA. Simple choice: #gunsense or violence?

Find a Hillary Clinton event near you:

Hillary denounces violence in response to cancelled Trump rally in Chicago. 

Hillary has a plan to prevent, effectively treat, and make an Alzheimer’s cure possible by 2025.

A group of female students, linked arm-to-arm, were heard chanting “Love Trumps Hate” at the cancelled Trump rally in Chicago. #ImWithHer

Who voted to help save the auto industry? Not Bernie. It was #HillaryClinton – vote for the candidate that cares! #OHPrimary #ShesWithUs

VOTE for Hillary Clinton #FLORIDA There is too much at stake to be playing games with our government.

March 15 – Florida Democratic Primary – 246 delegates!!!
#GOTV for Hillary! Onward to the White House.
#ImWithHer #ShesWithUs #FLPrimary

March 15 – Illinois Democratic Primary -182 delegates. #Hillary needs our help. #GOTV #MarchMadness #ILPrimary #ShesWithUs !!

March 15 – Missouri Primary – 84 delegates up for grabs. #Hillary needs as many as possible to clinch this! #ShesWithUs – be there for her!

Another biggie on March 15 – #NCPrimary with 121 total delegates! #GOTV for #Hillary! Nail the BS campaign coffin shut. #ShesWithUs #MarchMadness

Let’s win #Ohio – Primary is March 15 with 159 delegates!! #Hillary can win this and move on to defeating GOP. #GOTV

#Ohio Primary is March 15 with 159 delegates!! #Hillary can win this and move on to defeating GOP.
#MarchMadness is Hillary Time!

Bring this nonsense to an end ! for Hillary. We have a country to save!

Hillary’s Nomination Fight Complicated by Media Expectations.

The community endorses . Back in 2007, she was working w . via

Is this a friend of LGBT? Bernie Sanders Bashes Human Rights Campaign Over Hillary Clinton Endorsement

> > > ALL OF US. The haters wish it were not true.


Nearly 50 Mayors in the state of Mississippi endorse Hillary Clinton for President. Vote Today!

March 8 is the Mississippi Democratic Primary with 41 delegates. #GOTV for #Hillary! #ShesWithUs & #ImWithHer #MSPrimary

Clinton leads in Michigan. She’s up by 20.4 points with 58.6 percent support.

Big primaries today in Michigan & Mississippi. Watch Hillary’s lead grow & grow! #ImWithHer & #ShesWithUs

MS Clarion-Ledger Endorses Hillary Clinton. “Clinton bridges a great political divide”

Clarion-Ledger, Mississippi’s Largest Newspaper, Strongly Endorses Clinton.

Michigan Primary with 148 delegates is March 8, #GOTV for #Hillary! Let’s help her earn as many delegates as possible. #MIPrimary

#KSCaucus is March 5. (30 delegates) #GOTV for #Hillary! Make sure she gets the lions’ share of delegates. #ImWithHer and #ShesWithUs

#LAPrimary is March 5. (58 delegates). #GOTV for #Hillary! Make sure she gets the lions’ share of delegates. #ImWithHer and #ShesWithUs

#NECaucus is March 5 with 30 delegates. #GOTV for #Hillary! We want her earning as many delegates as possible. #ShesWithUs #Hillary2016

Maine Democratic Caucus is March 6 with 30 delegates. #GOTV for #Hillary! #mainecaucus #ShesWithUs & #ImWithHer