Her Five-State Sweep

Hillary Clinton celebrates March Madness victory at the West Palm Beach (FL) Convention Center. 15 March 2016 (Photo Credit: CBSChicago)

March Madness is the cure for those who prefer proof over puff and hard facts (votes) over elusive features (enthusiasm).

The five-state primary results are the clearest indicators that only two names are relevant for the upcoming General Election: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Morning-after results show a Hillary Clinton sweep, carrying Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio and as of this writing, Missouri by a thousand votes. For Democrats looking ahead to the General Election, the target is Donald Trump, the GOP’s front-runner.

A look at vote counts on this Super Tuesday 2 will embolden the Democrats. In three of the five primaries, Clinton beat the presumptive GOP nominee by vote counts (see below). These numbers in Florida, North Carolina and Illinois show that Democrats will not waver in their opposition to Trump, a significant factor in the upcoming General Election.

Donald Trump, likely GOP nominee, after wins on 15 March 2016 (Photo Credit: Herald Tribune)

John Kasich’s win in his home state of Ohio speaks more to a strategic GOP battle to stop Trump. This all-out surge against the divisive candidate may very well translate into votes for Clinton in the General Election.

Sanders was able to mount a fight against Trump in two states: North Carolina and Illinois. Yet his campaign is now of  questionable existence due to Clinton’s insurmountable delegate count.


FLORIDA (100% reporting)

Hillary Clinton – 1,094,289

Donald Trump – 1,075,094

Bernard Sanders – 564,564

NORTH CAROLINA (100% reporting)

Hillary Clinton – 616,346

Donald Trump – 458,139

Bernard Sanders – 460,291

MISSOURI (99.9% reporting)

Hillary Clinton – 310,602

Donald Trump – 382,093

Bernard Sanders – 309,071

OHIO (99.8% reporting)

Hillary Clinton – 676,597

John Kasich – 953,846

Donald Trump – 726,769

Bernard Sanders – 511,903

ILLINOIS (98.8% reporting)

Hillary Clinton – 1,002,832

Donald Trump – 548,228

Bernard Sanders – 968,227

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