The Party’s Over

The Grand Old Party is dead. It has long been ill – hovering between delirium and coma – but with the Indiana primary win for Donald Trump and the departure of Ted Cruz, its role as a legitimate political apparatus has come to an end.

I’ve thought for some time that the only way to save the GOP is to kill it. The takeover by the do-nothing Tea Party, the heavy-handed NRA, the empowered Koch Brothers and the Grover Norville pledge-takers all foreshadowed its death. It became a haven for hate and a vehicle for failed governance. The only way to dig itself out of this impasse was to disintegrate and then reconstitute.

John Boehner, the former House Majority Leader, saw its terminal status and left. Lindsey Graham, the senator from South Carolina, also diagnosed its impending death, particularly with the entrance of Donald Trump.

Now, it is final.

Sure, Reince Prebus, the chair of the Republican National Committee, called for party unity but that is what party chairs do.

Senator Graham saw no need for this though.


This dreary headline from Forward greeted Republican Jews late last night: “Republican Jews Bow to Reality of Donald Trump as Their Nominee.”

It has been a long road for Jewish Republicans, a reliable constituency of the “#NeverTrump” movement. But after trying all options, switching candidates as the primary race moved forward, and visibly distancing themselves from Trump, Jewish donors are ready to concede.

Not every Jewish Republican accepts Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee. Again, from the Forward article:

Bill Kristol, editor of the Rupert Murdoch-owned Weekly Standard, has been a leader of the #NeverTrump campaign and has been making the case that for Republicans like himself, Trump is just as bad as Clinton. After Trump’s Indiana victory, Kristol reacted on Twitter to the call from RNC chairman Reince Priebus to unite behind Trump against the Democratic candidate. “Half-right: #NeverClinton. Other half: #NeverTrump,” he tweeted.

Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin summed up her response to the RNC’s call for unity behind Trump in two words: “Never. Nope.”

Matt Walsh, another supporter of the failed #NeverTrump coalition and its only option, Cruz, is similarly dejected. The difference is that Walsh, whose Twitter outreach extends to nearly 64K followers, denounced Trump voters and quit the Republican party.






His series of tweets has a poignancy that draws one in regardless of party affiliation.

Rory Cooper with The Heritage Foundation is also drawing the line. In a statement issued on behalf of the #NeverTrump Super PAC, Cooper vowed to keep fighting.

We will continue to seek opportunities to oppose his nomination and to draw a clear line between him and the values of the conservative cause. If nominated, he will lose in historic fashion; threaten down-ballot campaigns and likely usher in a Clinton presidency.

Cooper continues to promote a pledge whose signees vow never to vote for the presumptive nominee.

We, the undersigned, will never vote for Donald Trump.

We stand united to defend basic, common decency and Constitutional principles.

And we will do our part to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination and ensure that he never becomes Commander-in-Chief. Never means never.

A mere 28,750 have signed.

Responses from elected officials of the Republican party have been – well – absent. With the exception of Sen. Graham, they are not talking. I can only imagine the fervent conversations that split the night and greeted this morning. All to no avail. The Grand Old Party is dead.


  1. I agree.

    But really, I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing. We’ve had Whigs, Federalists, etc. so just time for a change.

    Because I think, with what they’ve been pushing, that they need a major change, considering how the country has changed over the last 20-30 years. Without making changes, pretty soon they would need to learn how to perform seances if they want support for their ideas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    1. Love your final comment~

      I do think the GOP has to disintegrate and then rebuild itself. Trump is the final straw or the last crack. The idealogues, those who put their moral beliefs before the party, hate him. That includes Paul Ryan. What’s happened is that the Tea Party leeched away at the GOP, weakening it, and opening it up to obstructionists. They should have created their own party. They remind me of Bernie Sanders, who’s trying to do the same thing – destroy the Democratic party from within. But in the meantime, the GOP Congress orchestrated a wholesale racist obstruction to Obama, welcomed in the NRA, governance screeched to a halt, its popularity dropped off the scale, and then Trump came along and scooped up all the gun lovers and haters in the party fringes. I could go on… but will stop rambling.


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