Well Done, Democrats!

HRCJUNE 9, 2016. It was yet another milestone day for the Democratic Party.

In a series of fluidly coordinated public appearances, its leaders presented a look of common purpose and unity. The effect was in sharp contrast to the GOP, struggling defensively with its racist nominee, un-endorsements and rabid headlines.

Democrats took full advantage of Hillary Clinton’s momentum – and her historic status as the first female presumptive presidential nominee – lining up as a cohesive, vigorous and positively united party.

PBO BSThe day began with an hour-long visit at the White House between President Barack Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders. Media swarmed as the two walked along an exterior colonnade, reserved for heads of state. While Sanders had requested the visit, there’s little doubt the photo-op was designed to focus on him as an integrated and welcomed member of the Democratic party. Afterward, Sanders read from a short, prepared script (see video).
Media obligingly covered the event as if it were a papal visit, spinning out interpretations on his remarks, parsing what was said, what was unsaid, and even photographing his typed notes to prove that his ideas were unaffected by his big day at the White House.
Harry & BernieJust as this wrapped up, ground crews rushed  over to the Senate offices of Minority Leader Harry Reid.  Another photo-op as the two Senators sat side-by-side. No comments but plenty of inferences: Bernie Sanders, the formerly irascible Independent, is now a cherished and esteemed member of the Democratic hierarchy.
The silent tete-a-tete was interrupted by the biggest event of the day when President Obama formally endorsed Hillary Clinton. Once again, the filmed endorsement showed a planned sequence of events with White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest confirming it was produced two days before airing.

Hillary Clinton went to social media to thank Obama and Donald Trump used the endorsement as an opportunity to criticize “crooked Hillary” with a tweet.  Clinton responded with the instantly famous retort: “Delete your account,” and the twittersphere went wild. This spontaneous comeback by Clinton was a hit and within an hour, #DeleteYourAccount was the Number One trending topic. Hillary’s spirited followers hurled the hashtag at Trump, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Reince Priebus, Roseanne Barr, Jill Stein in an exuberant unleashing of pent-up anger.
Social media also recorded a series of new endorsements for Clinton. The Sierra Club, the International Brotherhood of Steel Workers and the Letter Carriers union all threw the weight of their membership toward the Democratic candidate. First Lady Michelle Obama was readying an endorsement. MSNBC was repeatedly announcing the upcoming endorsement of Senator Elizabeth Warren for Clinton, an exclusive to air on the Rachel Maddow Show at 9pm ET.
Cable news and mainstream media had barely time to digest the avalanche of activity before another event arose. Talking heads became real reporters instead of commentators. It was all Democrat, all day.
By evening, the networks were switching over to the American Constitution Society’s (ACS) National Conference, a group and event that has no name recognition but was boosted into prestige by hosting both Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren as its keynote speakers.
Warren’s speech was an unvarnished attack on Trump and the GOP (video of full speech), a warning against the deterioration of the judicial and legislative branches and a full-throated call to arms. Her message was received with standing ovations throughout. It deserves attention from all who value the democratic system of governance.
EW endorseThe evening peaked with Warren’s total and enthusiastic endorsement of Hillary Clinton on the  Rachel Maddow Show (video of program).

I am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States and to make sure that Donald Trump never gets any place close to the White House. – Senator Elizabeth Warren

What a day. The Democrats moved in concert with an all-out offensive against Donald Trump and an all-out embrace of Hillary Clinton. The tactical manuever was its opening volley against the GOP’s guy. It was a not-so-subtle outreach to the millions of disconsolate Sanders’ voters. And it announced itself as a national force, energized – fired up and ready to go.


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