Berners Say the Dumbest Things!

politicssandersintv1043015385649640x360I get lots of noise on this blog from the fervent fans of Bernie Sanders. They are uniformly upset by what I write.

Even though I hyperlink or document my sources, for them, anything that tarnishes the god image of Mr. Sanders demands an outcry.

On a rare occasion, the response is civil. Sometimes, they’ll counter with decades old, RW propaganda against Hillary Clinton. Others just call me a liar, and those with the least imagination call me names and spew out invective.

My habit is to delete the comments. But I thought it might be fun to let others see the voting bloc that Mr. Sanders attracts.

In response to: A Whopping 674 Foreign Nationals Illegally Donated to Bernie Sanders in March 2016

Tami Chapman

I don’t believe that, but even if they did, he’s still the most honest person is this election.

charlotte scot

Have you checked the DNC/CLINTO donors names in the hacked DNC files. Any foreign nationals. How about Trump or are you just looking at Bernie Sanders?

charlotte scot (again)

Were any of these contributions solicited? Bernie had over 8,000,000 contribution for his Presidential campaign. He doesn’t know these people. Did they also donate to Secy Clinton or the Clinton Foundation. How the heck are you supposed to know who a donor is. The only thing is, if you find out they are not legal, you return their donation. Much ado about nothing.

Mark Hayden

So if his average donation is $27., then the total money we are talking about is about $19,000 that was returned to the donors.
Meanwhile, from the time the Secretary got into office, she and Bill have received tens of millions of dollars from some of the worst people (Saudi Royalty, etc) for their own pockets and the “Foundation.”
Perspective is good, people.

charlotte scot (a third time)

MARCH 25 - Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator from VT. (AP Photo|Elaine Thompson)

Did you know the Clinton Foundation Failed to Disclose 1,100 Foreign Donations according to Bloomberg? It is difficult to believe that one candidate knew that out of 8,000,000 donations over 600 were from foreign donors. I could not even guess from the list of names who was American and who was foreign. Is there a clue I’m missing?


Yes – by all means. Think about how Canadian Oil has contributed to HRC. Think about how lots and lots of foreign owned companies have funneled money to the DNC and to Hillary’s campaign and ‘foundation’ – repeatedly in exchange for contracts, favors, trade deals, permits, etc. This is one click off the Onion – amIright?


So it is OK to receive money from Super PAC where you CAN NOT TRACE WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM. But not OK to receive money from me. Who is not a citizen but lives legally here, pay taxes like everyone else?

Vicky jesse

But it’s ok to donate to the Clinton foundation? They will stop at nothing!!!

Das Hermit

Should the billions donated to the Cluntons, including the bribes laundered through their Canadian slush fund in violation of her agreements and US law while she was Secretary of State be returned as well?


No candidate can control who sends the money, moron. All any of them can do is send it back when they find it. Rail against the senders all you want, but to implicate Bernie in thisthis, is ridiculous.

Cristen (again)

So it is OK for Clinton to receive hundreds of millions of dollars thru the Clinton Foundation given my countries in the middle east but not residents in the US??? So it is OK for a corporation to give money to a candidate? And even corporations that are owned by foreign countries and foreign governments. But Tina Yu from Vermont isn’t?
Add me to the list! I donated money to Bernie. Proudly

Sen. Bernie Sanders

In response to: Bernie Sleeps During Memorial Day Ceremony


Shame on you, spreading lies and spinning stories. Well, because of your rules, I can’t leave an external link to the series of photos taken at this event, that shows Bernie looking up and down, possibly reading something or shielding his eyes from the hot sun. Not sure, but if he was sleeping here, then he was also sleeping while standing up during the pledge.

The woman who shared this viral photo, with a dishonest description is a member of the DNC’s finance committee. She’s a Hill supporter and just a little biased.

If you’d like to see the series of photos and the truth, just google: california-democratic-party-mem-zoe-dunning-lies-about-sleepy-bernie to turn up the article I’m not allowed to share here.

OK, that’s all the nuggets I’ll share tonight.


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