JamPAC: The 2-Person Grassroots Coalition Suing the DNC


A pair of South Florida attorneys are presenting themselves as “the first and only truly progressive grassroots Super PAC” in their bid to sue the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Jared Beck and Elizabeth Lee (aka The Cranky Lawyer) created JamPAC as part of an effort to collect signatures, donations and publicity for their class action suit.

The JamPAC website not only claims the Progressive Purity Award, it also states that it is “fueled by donations from individuals from all over the country.”

However, documents filed by JamPAC to the FEC show a different story.

JamPAC was organized in February 2016 by Elizabeth Lee and first called itself “Do The Right Thing.” A month later, it changed its name to JamPAC. But the principals remained the same: Elizabeth Lee is Treasurer and Jared Beck is the Agent.

What’s most interesting is that JamPAC is self-funded. Instead of “donations from individuals from all over the country,” the effort is fueled by a single $15,000 contribution – and Elizabeth Lee is the donor.

The FEC records Lee’s donation as required, in the Super PAC’s quarterly report. Another soul donated $10 (perhaps Jared?).


Far from being the pure Progressive entity supported by other pure Progressives across the U.S., JamPAC exists as a 2-person law firm engaged in what’s likely to be an expensive and fruitless lawsuit against the DNC.

Just today, Elizabeth Lee reported on Twitter that the DNC “made contact.” Unfortunately, the two lawyers failed in the first step of a legal process — serving the complaint.

Stay tuned.



  1. My favorite part of this lawsuit? This guy, who claims he donated $21,705.34 to the Bernie2016 Presidential campaign. o_O

    37. Plaintiff William Crandall (“W. Crandall”) is a resident of Redwood City,
    California. He contributed a total of $21,705.34 to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign via


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