REVEALED: Trump’s Real Reason for Mexico Visit

While the pundits were scratching their heads in perplexity over the reason for Donald J. Trump’s recent visit to Mexico, images told the real story — size matters!

Donald J. Trump, the world’s nastiest narcissist, has Small Hands. Everyone knows it. His followers know it. His campaign staff know it. Donald J. Trump knows it. It bugs him because Donald J. Trump likes things really, really big! He can brag about his really really big schlong — nobody can verify that (except Melania and she wouldn’t dare out him because well, Trump would disappear her). But those tiny delicate baby hands – they are out there – can’t hide them!

But after an exhaustive and very expensive global search directed by  Donald J. Trump, his operatives hit pay dirt! And it was right in their own back yard.

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto is a slight man, at least a head shorter than The Donald and blessed with small hands befitting his body size. Really small hands – tinier even than Trump’s – making him a godsend to the size-obssessed Donald.

“Set it up,” commanded The Donald, “and make sure there’s a photo opp.”

And, according to plan, this happened:

dt nieto

The Donald relished the moment as he craftily led his prey into the lair of his (seemingly) giant hand.

“I will crush you,” thinks The Donald as he crushes the bones in Nieto’s tiny hand.

Optics: The benevolent dictator at his charming best, granting a reprieve while towering over his victim.

The moment is captured for eternity.


Poor Donald. He’s consumed with the appearance of his Small Hands yet woefully ignorant of the nuances of body language. As any negotiator worth her salt knows, an open palm in a handshake indicates submission. The hand topping in the handshake is the dominant party.

(I won’t mention the Left Side Advantage gained by Nieto but you can read about it here: The Leverage In Your Hands.)

Nieto literally and symbolically got the upper hand of Donald J. Trump and the world knows. The Donald got topped.


  1. Thank you for finding humor when the would-be dominator fails to arrive at the top of any heap with everything he touches. 66 days until the full weight of this historic election crushes this monstrosity.


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