Stay the course, Hillary!

A talking head on MSNBC last night advised Hillary Clinton to “be more visceral” to compete with her opponent. This is exactly wrong.

Trump does not set the standard with his raucous, nonsensical, provocative raging and shouting. His performance art is not what Americans want or need for a President.

What Americans need is calmness, logic, contemplation and good sense. What we need in our President is steadiness in the face of chaos. We do not need drama queen theatrics, frothing at “others,” threats and grandiose claims.

We need Hillary Clinton – an individual who has weathered the conflicts and angst of the Executive office. She has already faced the lose/lose dilemmas confronting a President. She knows the players on the world stage – their pecadillos, their inclinations and the web of entanglements. She understands there is no easy, black-and-white solution and that compromise often means sacrificing one good for the greater good.

Not surprisingly, the talking heads are out of sync with what the majority of Americans believe.

A 15 September poll by Quinnipiac University confirms that the voting public want an intelligent, seasoned person as Chief Executive. Respondents included Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

Look at the numbers.

  • Voters say 88-11% that Clinton is intelligent and 69-29% that Trump is intelligent.
  • Clinton is level-headed, voters say 63-55%, but Trump is not, voters say 69-27%.
  • Voters say 68-31% that she has the right kind of experience to be president and 65-34% that Trump does not have the experience.

And on the foreign and domestic policies, voters trust Hillary more than the other candidate.

  • Voters say 51-46% that she would do a better job on immigration;
  • Voters trust her more than Trump, 52-43% to make the right decision about sending U.S. troops overseas;
  • Voters trust her more 57-39% to handle foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton is a seasoned realist, not a reality TV star. It’s time for the know-nothings on cable to stop the biased sentiments and accurately portray the candidates. It is their duty as journalists to serve their audience, not sell out to their preferred guy.

And to Hillary Clinton I say: Stay the course! You are on the right track.



  1. What gives me hope is I know that a lot of voters do not turn on TV for much else other than entertainment. They have done their own research over the years, (not all from the internet, ) and are confident in their knowledge because with hypotheses they see in action then draw their own conclusions. Bear with me, not much coffee yet.

    In a nutshell, if you think for a living, you will not subject America to the freak experiment that would be a Donald Trump presidency; YOU WILL VOTE FOR HILLARY R. CLINTON.


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