Hillary’s Come Back

Hillary Clinton at Chappaqua Village Market

Few would have blamed Hillary Clinton had she canceled her first post-election public appearance on 16 November for the Children’s Defense Fund. But she did not cancel, giving proof to the legend that she is an indomitable fighter who does not give up. The well of grief could be seen in her eyes. But hers was a message of hope. “We are stronger together, when we lift each other up.”

Hillary’s resiliency is part of her nature. She also relies on simple, healthy pleasures like yoga and walking in the woods with her spouse and their dogs. And that’s where Margot Gerster met her in a surprise encounter just two days after the election.

10 November: Margot Gerster runs into Hillary and Bill Clinton in the woods near their home in Chappaqua, New York.
10 November: Margot Gerster runs into Hillary and Bill Clinton in the woods near their home in Chappaqua, New York.

Her sighting, and the photo (taken by Bill Clinton) was published and instantly went viral. We were struck by Hillary’s genuine smile, her naturalness, the resumption of everyday things, and her capacity for warmth and joy even in a dark time.

Then, slowly, randomly and in mostly private encounters, Hillary came back: a bookstore in Rhode Island, Thanksgiving shopping at the Chappaqua Village Market. Each sighting recorded and spreading across social media in a digital instant.

These “Hillary spottings” were not unlike the intimate gatherings that inaugurated her campaign some 16 months ago. Big media ignored her; Sanders and then Trump ridiculed her while addressing their large, impersonal rallies.

20 November. A happy Jessica Wick with Hillary Clinton at the Savoy Bookstore, Providence, RI. Wick owns the bookstore. |Posted on Facebook by Wick.|

It didn’t matter. Hillary’s great gift, among a multiplicity of gifts, is in connecting with people. So rather than dwell in isolation, Hillary came back.

Jessica Wick’s smile is duplicated a million-fold when these photos appear. Spirits soar. Hope returns.

It’s not so much that we hope her appearance bodes a future in the Oval Office, though that is the undercurrent. Each sighting of Hillary Clinton is a balm for our collective despair. Her smile renews our lost sense of leadership. The incredible results of Election night and her abrupt departure left us overwhelmed. Hillary’s come back helps us heal.

Adam Parkomenenko, founder of Ready for Hillary and stalwart aide for years, shared his pic with the Clinton’s in the Chappaqua woods. And like magic, HRC in the Wild appeared, a Twitter account tracking those now-more-numerous sightings of The People’s President.

Hillary broke that glass  ceiling. The shards are everywhere, tiny splinters in our hearts.

But let history record the facts. Hillary Clinton is The People’s President. She earned the votes of 65,259,681 Americans, bypassing her GOP rival by nearly three million votes. She made herstory.We made it together. The bond she created in those early days is real, it perseveres, and it is as strong as the woman herself.

Let the sightings continue! We’ve still got a lot of fight left!






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  1. Tears reading this. You’ve captured all the heart and strength she offers, and she’s ignited the revolutionary movement Sanders couldn’t comprehend or articulate.


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