Gambia Unloads Their Tyrant, U.S. Voters Elect Theirs

Americans have never elected a tyrant, a despot before.

An authoritarian regime defeats democracy. I was in The Gambia a week and a half ago, and last week residents finally rejected their president Yahya Jammeh — a government that outlawed peaceful assembly, “arbitrarily jailed critics and tortured critical journalists..,” the New York Times wrote.

Homophobia was rampant, and Yahya Jammeh told Gambians that he’d personally slit the throats of anyone he knew to have homosexual relationships.

Miraculously  without a coup, Gambia’s president accepts defeat after 22 years, and voters who feared him, but never gave up, made it happen. They’ve lost their tyrant and fooled, idiotic Americans elected “ours” — Donald Trump, who among other crimes, has allowed the Koch Brothers to infiltrate his “team” so that climate change can be assailed as phony science, and public lands tossed to privatization and the highest bidders.  We can say goodbye to wild horses, dolphins, human rights and everything we cherish, OR we can join the resistance  — work for Trump’s early impeachment.

I’m wired for confrontation and fighting back because Trump’s insane vision of America should get the fight of his putrid life.

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  1. I just found your site and cannot believe that there is someone else out that thinks like I do! Everybody thinks I am insane and my hatred for both Sanders and Trump has alienated people, but like you, I feel like there is something going on behind both of their campaigns. I’ve been saying they are the opposite sides of the same coin and was amazed to see your Tweet “Sanders & Trump are shadows of the same cut”. It is also nice to see a lot of data backing my anti-Bernie sentiments. I already had plenty of data to support my anti-trump sentiments, but Bernie is a bit more elusive, partly because the media largely chose to not follow up on things with him.


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