Hillary in San Francisco – On Strong Women and Friendship

Hillary Clinton spoke in San Francisco today to a sold-out crowd at a gathering of the Professional Businesswomen of California.

Looking fresh and powerful, Clinton addressed the condescending shut-down of Urban Radio correspondent April Ryan by WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and the belittling of Rep. Maxine Waters by FOX News host Bill O’Reilly.

In this next excerpt, Clinton talks about the importance of genuine friendships among women.


  1. Wish I could see the entire afternoon! I so want to see Hillary every day I turn on the TV, and I’ll be over the moon if I ever have an opportunity to chat, because I think she is the epitome of grace and class.

    I’ve stated on Twitter often over the last few days, after she proclaimed at a luncheon on March 17, that she was ready to “come out of the woods”- that I hope she becomes ubiquitous. I hope every news show, and morning, afternoon, and late night show, has the good sense to get her on, every chance they can. For one, it will make the 65+ Million who voted for her Happy; second, it will drive Trump nuts.

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    1. I am so with you. When I see her, hear her voice and listen to her crisp, smart motivating words, it’s like a renewal. We (America) need to be washed clean of the stupidity and backwardness that’s “leading” this great country.

      I missed that luncheon on 3-17. Where can I read about it?


  2. Maxine Waters is far more appealing (100 times over) in every measurable way to the foolish Bill O’Reilly.


    1. Agree 1000%! Each time a silly man insults an intelligent and outspoken woman, it’s a reminder of the imperative to continue electing strong, intelligent women to represent all the people. Raise the bar!


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