Cheers to Rachel!

I want to pause for a moment (in the midst of  my many unfinished articles) to praise Rachel Maddow.

In the last few months, the host of MSNC’s The Rachel Maddow Show has eclipsed all other commentators with her incisive grasp of the whole Trump catastrophe. Every weekday evening, she reports on the headlines of the day, often having to encompass breaking news of the hour and even the minute. She does this with a velvety texture of articulation that combines humor, sarcasm and wit with a deep undercoating of holistic research.

This wonderful display brings together threads of seemingly disparate events, meshing them into new findings. I listen expectantly to her presentation, never for a moment willing to turn down the volume or walk out of the room.

Rachel is in her element. Each show, she builds in acuity while never embarking on a glory ride. The speed with which she and her staff absorb new data and release it in a coherent explanation complete with ramifications and potential futures is amazing.

I look forward to her nightly reviews of the upcoming impeachment hearings or the invocation of the 25th Amendment or (less likely) the aftermath of Trump’s resignation.

Take us through, Rachel!



  1. I love Rachel’s show, She is the best news person for our times and I been around along time and listen to many news people, I always tell my friends about you, great reporting.

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  2. I just had to chime in…Rachel Maddow is like a breath of fresh air! It seems that all the other commentators regurgitate “last night” news, and then they have people come on their shows to continue the existing dialog. In other words, they become the ‘same’. Rachel covers the underground stuff, the things that come together to make the information unique and informative. I learn a ton often times and trust her information more than anyone else out there. She obviously is a “north” star in the array of stars. Thanks, Rachel!

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  3. Rachel is the best by far. There is no substitute for extensive research and verification. As a Rachel fan, I appreciate what her contributions have been and I look forward to her show nightly.

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