Dear MSM: The Teachable Moment Is Now

Many years ago in another lifetime, I worked for a publishing house that produced national trade magazines. I was editor of one and wrote content for two others in the family. Because these were marketed to retailers in the gift industry, advertising and promotions were a Big Deal. So Big that most of the content of these periodicals were shaped around major holidays and events.

The publisher and I would sit down and work out the editorial calendar for the upcoming year. At first, we prepared ads and content about two months in advance. So for example, Mother’s Day promotions started in March; Halloween in August. This gave our readers plenty of time to check out our advertisers, read our articles, get excited and buy stock for the holiday-to-come.

As each year advanced (I was with them for three), the time frame for promotions grew more extended. So it was that in my final year, I was writing copy, handling new products and coordinating photo shoots a good four months prior to a holiday.

Our magazines performed a service to these retailers. Many were Mom and Pop shops competing against giants like Wal-Mart. We did the footwork; telling them what toys the kids envied, which colors were passé, how to market on a shoestring. Of course, the bottom line was profit – for all of us – the publishing house, its retail base and its advertisers. It was a Win-Win-Win.

When I listen to mainstream media today, I think about this advanced scheduling. Only I call it an Early Warning.

Chuck Todd. Brian Spelter. Andrea Mitchell. Joe Scarborough. They are each having a come-to-Jesus moment. In the last seven days, they and their colleagues, including FOX anchors, have bemoaned the amoral character of the man elected as president. A few wonder if he is mentally sound. Or *gasp* is he a racist?

A lot of us on the other side are listening to their belated questions and stunned realizations with another kind of shock. There are words for how we feel. What the fuck? Where were you when it mattered? Benghazi. Email.

It gives me zero satisfaction to mock the mainstream media. Why point fingers? The Big Event, the election of the jackass, has come and gone.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Coalition did the footwork. We gave Joe and Brian and Andrea and all the rest the data. We told you who he was; we even had video.

We did our best to make this a Win-Win-Win.

The people win.

The right person for the job wins.

The planet wins.

And now, The Big Event is over. You have a little time to prepare for the next one, though none of us know what it will be or when it will arrive. We only know with a dreadful surety that it will come.

So, as they say in academia, this is a teachable moment. I only hope the media are excellent students.


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