All You Wanted To Know About The Steele Dossier – Well, Almost
Trump and Putin at the G20 summit. |AFP/Getty image|

The Steele dossier is making headlines again.

Here’s a quick compendium of my articles related to this memo, compiled by the former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. Also included are links to the 35-page dossier posted by Buzzfeed and the original scoop by David Corn published in Mother Jones last year.

Go Blindly Articles

Breakdown of each section of the dossier with key points.

Timeline of the release of the dossier; who had it and when.

Missing dates and number sequence indicate there’s another, complete Steele dossier out there.

The NY Times verified three crucial points from the Steele memos in its first report on the meeting with Trump Jr and the Russian lawyer.

The Russian pop star says he knows what happened in that Russian hotel room with Donald Trump.

Key to identities of 40+plus people listed in the Senate committees’ request for documents from Trump Jr, Kushner and Manafort.

External Articles



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