Stupid Move, Democrats

Like a chorus of Southern Baptist Bible thumpers, the Senate Democrats rose in self-righteous fury to damn Al Franken and force his resignation.

They did it without due process.

They did it based on questionable allegations of sexual misconduct.

They did it based on accusations preceding his Senate position, going back decades.

They did it with a mob mentality.

They did it with cruelty.

They did it intending to score political points.

But let’s be clear. The Senate Democrats who lynched Al Franken cannot profess to any legitimate concern for women. They are not feminists or activists or in pursuit of societal transformation.


They cannot stand on any pedestal of purity.

They have not altered the mind of any man who preys on women, children or other men.

They have not awakened some latent sense of power within women.

They will not affect the Alabama election.

They will not shame their Republican counterparts.

They will not increase their 2018 vote counts.


The Senators who shamed and bullied their so-called friend have displayed a political ineptitude that is infuriating.

They have fallen prey to the newly weaponized claim of sexual misconduct. One that quickly morphed from #MeToo into Lynch Him Now!

They have sacrificed one of their own in pursuit of ridiculous aims.

They have diminished the effectiveness of the Judiciary Committee.

They have angered a lot of Democrats.

They have shown they are simply not up to the game.

They will not defeat Donald Trump.


  1. Gus, looks like I gave you a forum to express your own “hyperbolic rhetoric”. You can thank me for allowing you the opportunity to express your opinion, and doing so without trading insults. Now, I’ll block you from my blog.

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  2. The piece is an example of the kind of tub thumping, hyperbolic rhetoric that poisons political discourse today – regardless of the politics of which side issues it or whether you’re vaguely on the same side politically. While Franken would certainly rather have not resigned he was not forced, is no-one’s victim, and left a statement of sufficient ambiguity and self respect to make it quite clear that while he regretted some of his behaviour he felt that it was a political, rather than moral, necessity. His statement was well written and nuanced and the last thing he needs right now is ‘support’ from career hysterics like this or condemnation from their equally hysterical opponents. He’ll be back.


  3. I totally agree with the author of this site. I am very angry with the women who supported this move to force Al to resign which was led by Kirsten G. The Republicans will not force their “bad” boys out and they will probably get another one with Ron Moore.

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  4. Agreed. I’m relieved that you wrote these most eloquent comments. Sen. Franken asked the hard questions on the judiciary committee. He did his homework and asked pointed questions that were intelligently framed and effective. I’m appalled by the gang bullying reflective of Lord Of The Flies.

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  5. If you who demanded Franken to resign…zero tolerance…ok. Then you should immediately demand Trump to resign. The party who holds the majority wholeheartedly supports Moore. Ok. Then you should also demand that they resign !!

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  6. I agree totally. The allegation i heard was just the norm for the time. It isn’ t right maybe but 75% of men would losr their jobs if we could all accuse men in our lives who have done worse. I am all for changing this patriarchy society but lets concentrate on the truly abusive men. The others will learn easily enough. We Dems have lost a good man and the country has lost a good man.

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  7. I’m sprinkling this essay wherever I see those on social media who are stretching to understand why Democrats in Congress were quick today to press for Al Franken’s resignation. Congress is male-led, male-defined and steeped in male definitions of status and power. That females fell in line to chop his head off when the jury wasn’t in on whether the allegations were genuine, is preposterous and annoying. I know why I wanted Hillary as POTUS, and with today’s weakness shouted from the rooftops, I want her more today.

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  8. Amen. Very stupid move and I am trying to find that list of those who pushed him to resign. None of them are pushing to get Moore or Trump out of the offices they hold. Instead, they seem to roll over and play dead for the repubs. What a bunch of freaking cowards. I am not a Repub but right now I am ashamed to be a Democrat.

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    1. They appear to be righteously self satisfied. Do any of them understand the transference element in today’s warp speed society? Psychology 101. It happened in the 1990s with recovered memories. The brain fills in where the memory of events are either confused, frightening or absent.


  9. As one of Al Franken’s constituents, I couldn’t agree with you more Grace. I am disgusted with the recent behavior of Democrats and starting to wonder now, just who are they really? Please do not be quiet for so long. We need to hear Democratic voices like yours.

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    1. I am there with you. Franken was the one I looked to for uncompromising
      determination to bringing truth to bear on this slide toward totalitarianism.


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