Take that, Barack! Donald Fights Back.

Poor Donald.

First it was news of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton claiming Most Admired status – again – for the tenth time in just as many years. What a crushing blow to his fantastical ego. That was two days ago and instantly, the news swept through the airwaves and social media platforms. Hillary and Barack fans cheered while he sulked at his Mar-a-Lago estate. It was a piercing reminder that he – the President of the United States – could not make the cover of Time and could not claim the Gallup’s prestigious title. The hurrahs for his two arch enemies dug into his psyche like eagle claws. The news all but drowned out Donald’s Big and Only Win at the close of Congress.

On the same day, the BBC interview featuring Prince Harry and Barack Obama broke. The video went viral at the snap of a finger. There he was – casual, happy, vigorous and fit even with his all-natural greying hair. Barack still being Barack. Confident, unbroken, a clean balance of the scholar, the wit and the human. And in the company of a Royal in the country that called for a ban on Trump.

Donald Trump must have lost his mind. At least for a few enraged moments. Then this small man, dwarfed by his out-sized ego, set about to fix the interruption, recover the headlines and outdo Barack.

In less than 24 hours, the compliant media were agog. Trump granted an interview with NY Times columnist Michael Schmidt.

Schmidt is no Prince Harry and Donald will never be Barack. An expansive golf club dining room is no plain table in a plain small room. But there he sat, mano y mano, dominating the journalist, proving his prowess while ingratiating sycophants paid their public respects.

Life is right again for Donald. The axis has shifted. Barack and Hillary have faded. Google is flooded with ‘Trump interview’ references. Cable commentators have uttered his name non stop. There are earnest attempts to interpret his childish words into policy, shape them into prognostications, glean legal consequences ad infinitum.

But not once has one of these seasoned pundits hit upon the obvious. Donald’s interview was nothing more than a desperate ploy to reclaim the limelight.

Tomorrow, Donald will return to his nasty insults and juvenile slurs. Or perhaps it will happen this evening. Maybe he’s at it already.

Poor Donald.

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