Forget the Pee Tapes


At this point, it doesn’t really matter if Putin has tapes of Donald Trump with Russian sex workers in a ritzy Moscow hotel room playing Golden Showers.

We all heard the Access Hollywood audio. We’ve heard the many allegations of sexual misconduct, the charges of rape, the whispered accusations of pedophilia and incest. We know about his liaisons with the porn star, and his lawyer’s cover-up. And now we know about his dalliance with a Playboy Bunny. We’ve heard it all.

Donald’s sexual peccadilloes, his abuse of women, his infidelity, his debauchery do not carry the weight of effective kompromat.

We have heard it and seen it and we are not shocked.

Donald Trump is still in office.

The raison d’être of blackmail is possession of facts that are so outlandish, so criminal that their revelation would cause the loss of all that the compromised individual values.

Putin’s pee tapes don’t make the grade. Donald Trump is President of the United States and no matter of salacious scandal will dent his position. His cult of 30% are nonplussed. The evangelicals give him a Mulligan. And the Republican members of Congress just do not care.

Now when the voices ask: “What does Putin have on Trump,” we have to think something much darker. Given Donald’s affinity for violence, we ought to be thinking of capital offenses. First degree murder. Rape with bodily harm. Treason. Each of these offenses merits the death penalty.

Donald Trump is void of soul. He is capable of anything. Pee tapes are inconsequential when the actor is a sociopath. It is that pitch of black that Putin owns, the unconscionable act, the darkest deed. Only that is suitable kompromat for Donald Trump.


  1. I’ve been thinking along the same lines something very dark that DJT would Possibly take him out equivalent to the Russian black hood consequence.

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