Wacko Wayne and His Way Out Manifesto


The shrewish, pitchy rhetoric of Wayne La Pierre is noise pollution. The content of his CPAC speech is thought pollution. In less than an hour, the NRA’s main man spouted a barrage of talking points to be regurgitated by every purchased politician, gun lobbyist, Russian bot, ammosexual and NRA faithful.

We are already seeing his script repeated on talk shows, in Facebook posts and on Twitter feeds. His screeds will be around at least through the November Midterms.

La Pierre’s tirade must be viewed for what it is – a manifesto of what is permitted and what must be denied in its ongoing effort to keep Americans armed and allied gun manufacturers enriched. Politicians take heed. If you swerve from the assigned NRA course, punishment awaits. If you hang tough, expect continued donations and votes.

In the spirit of awareness, here is a bulleted list of La Pierre’s propaganda nuggets.

On the Stoneman Douglas High School slaughter:

  • The FBI failed.
  • The high school failed.
  • The mental health community failed.
  • The only solution to school shootings is “hardened schools” with armed brigades of teachers.

On the #NeverAgain movement:

  • The Parkland HS students are not legitimate critics.
  • School children are being manipulated by outside forces.
  • The movement will destroy “basic freedoms.”

On Gun Ownership Limits to Mentally Ill:

  • People with nightmares could be put on a list and denied a gun.
  • “All” who seek mental health services “will be denied a gun.”

On Washington DC:

  • Washington DC is a “socialist society”.
  • The Democrats are bad people.
  • They’re all liars in DC unless they support the NRA agenda.

On Blaming and Bad People:

  • Racism, misogyny and xenophobia are all “smears” and not legitimate offenses.
  • The #MeToo movement is bad.
  • The #BLM movement is bad.
  • Former FBI chief James Comey is bad.
  • The FBI elite are bad.
  • Senator Chuck Schumer is a “liar to the core” and bad.
  • Senator Bernie Sanders is a socialist and bad.
  • Tom Steyer is bad.
  • George Soros is bad.
  • Mario Cuomo is bad.

On the NRA:

  • The NRA was the first to call for background checks on “mentally incompetent” people.
  • The NRA is the “largest law enforcement organization” in the United States.
  • The NRA protects the “God-given right” to own a weapon.

So there you have it. These are the NRA talking points. When you encounter them, know their source, and act accordingly.

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