Three Blockbusters in the Hush Contract

There are three eye-openers in the passel of legal documents involving the president and the porn star and two are bigger bombshells than Stormy’s claim to an eyeball view of Donald’s junk.

Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels aka Peggy Peterson and Donald Trump aka David Dennison are the subjects of these headline wranglings along with the president’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen aka The Fixer.

The blockbuster news is found in the original nondisclosure agreement dated 28 October 2016, just a few days before the 2016 presidential election.

KEITH MUNYAN. Celebrity photographer and privy to the Stormy-Donald affair. @keithmunyanphotography


Four handwritten names are listed as people with knowledge of the liaison between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump. According to paragraph 4.2, Stormy “directly or indirectly” disclosed details to these third parties prior to the hush agreement. Her witnesses were privy to “Confidential information in tangible form.”

These individuals are Mike Mosney, Angel Ryan, Keith Munyan and Gina Rodriguez. Interestingly, there is some disconnect between these witnesses and another set of people that Stormy revealed in a 2011 magazine article.

Five years before The Fixer paid her $130,000 in hush money, Stormy revealed her Trump affair via In Touch. From that interview:

IT: Did you tell anyone at the time what had happened?

Stormy: A couple people. My assistant. My boyfriend. My friend Randy. The owner of the company I work for.

The Cohen NDA only accounts for one of the four people who originally knew about Stormy’s fling with Donald – her boyfriend.

Mike Mosney is likely the boyfriend and former husband, albeit with his name misspelled. The correct name is Mike Moz.

Keith Munyan is a more conspicuous witness. A California-based celebrity photographer, he crafted the 2007 Stormy Daniels calendar. The date is important since the relationship between Stormy and Donald occurred between 2006 and 2007.

Stormy Daniels with her former husband, Mike Moz in 2007.

As reported by CNN, Angel Ryan is a fellow adult film star and acquaintance of Stormy Daniels. Ryan performs under the registered pseudonym of Jessica Drake. Ryan charged Trump with sexual misconduct in October 2016 and was represented by attorney Gloria Allred.

Coincidentally, Ryan’s encounter with Trump occurred at the same time and location as Daniels’ first meet-up with him.

Apparently, Ryan chose to go public with her accusations while Daniels signed the NDA executed by The Fixer.

Gina Rodriguez, the fourth person listed in the NDA, is unknown. However, she may correlate with the “assistant” or business owner cited in the In Touch article. Stormy’s friend “Randy” is not listed in the nondisclosure agreement.

A natural line of inquiry arises here. Were any of these people contacted by Cohen? Are there other nondisclosure agreements out there? Is this a complete list? And how could The Fixer be so sloppy? Cohen apparently misspelled one name and did not include another witness (“Randy”).


And letters, documents, audio, images, recordings, electronic data, photos, art or “any other form of media.” These tangible traces of the Stormy-Donald affair are defined as the types of confidential information prohibited from distribution under the 2016 agreement.

This could be an over-cautious itemization by Cohen. However, the agreement does specify that “any and all existing copies of the Images, Text Messages and any Property,… have been turned over and provided to counsel.”

This statement is very clear. There is concrete evidence (images, texts and property) and as stated in the NDA, Stormy turned these over to Cohen.

Credit: BBC News


This is just one of a thousand unseemly possibilities resulting from the section defining confidential information. Here’s how the contract reads (note that DD indicates Donald Trump; PP indicates Stormy Daniels):

4.1 (a) All intangible information pertaining to DD and/or his family, (including but not limited to his children or any alleged children or any of his alleged sexual partners, alleged sexual actions or alleged sexual conduct or related matters), and/or friends learned, obtained, or acquired by PP, including without limitation information contained in letters, e-mails, text messages, agreements, documents, audio or Images recordings, electronic data, and photographs; (Emphasis added)

The section continues:

4.1 (c) All intangible private information (i.e. information not generally available to and/or known by the general public) relating and/or pertaining to DD, including without limitation DD’s business information, familial information, any of his alleged sexual partners, alleged sexual actions or alleged sexual conduct, related matters or paternity information, legal matters, contractual information, personal information, private social life, lifestyle, private conduct,… (Emphasis added)

Again, Cohen may be overly cautious in protecting his client. However, the terms: alleged childrenpaternity information and familial information are not included simply as a matter of total inclusiveness but due to their potential harm to Donald Trump if disclosed.

Does Trump have unnamed and/or unclaimed children? And if so, what are the implications for the President of the United States? Kompromat immediately comes to mind.

To some, all this seems petty and prurient. However, the single most important product is the fact that the NDAs covering Donald Trump show a high and unnatural level of secrecy. Piercing the veil of this darkness could potentially yield indictments.



  1. It looks like the Settlement Agreement is dead. I’m curious now if Ms. Daniels has anything to add other than her verbal account of the affair. If she did turn over materials to Cohen and if she didn’t keep copies, can she ask for the material back? More interestingly, can she sue him for damages for destroying (which is likely) the materials obtained under a faulty unenforceable agreement? The possible love-child angle is interesting. I suspect the abortion that the Playmate had was not the result of an affair with Broidy, but with Trump.

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  2. Virginia Ernestine Rodriguez (Gina Rodriguez) (1984 – present) is a long-time friend of Stormy Daniels and Daniels’ current manager.

    Stormy Daniels ( Stephanie Gregory Clifford) (1979 – present) is the courageous, smart, tenacious woman whom future historians of the US Presidency will credit with what the Metoo mob has manifestly failed to do: win a glorious and patriotic victory over the biggest charlatan ever to take up residence in the Oval Office.

    This, of course, depends on mainstream American feminists of a certain vintage suspending their traditional antipathy towards, and puritanical dislike of, women like Clifford and Rodriguez, rolling up their collective sleeves, and pitching in to help Stormy fight her epic lonely battle against the immense forces of the Evil Empire.

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  4. Listen to the excellent legal analysis of the Stormy Daniels affair in the podcast on the legal website Opening Arguments.

    The US Department of Justice has failed as usual to understand the implications of this story.

    At the end of January 2018, Trump lied publicly about his adultery with Daniels.

    It’s disappointing, therefore, that US Department of Justice has again been distracted and played by the White House, Team Trump, Putin and co by non-stories like trade balances and talks with Kim about nuclear disarmament.

    Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen (MC) has breached various state and federal laws in trying to gag Stormy Daniels and four others, in each case using thug tactics to demand that each one of the five sign an NDA.

    The US Department of Justice knows that in the State of New York adultery continues to be an offense.

    Why does this matter? Because MC created an LLC in the State of Delaware to ‘facilitate’ (MC’s term) a payment of $130,000 to Peggy Petersen, aka Stormy Daniels, aka Stephanie Clifford, in return for PP hushing up about her adulterous affair with DD, David Dennison aka Donald Trump, who at the time was married to Melania Trump.

    The criminal law of the State of Delaware states that it is an offence to create an LLC for the purpose of committing an offence. It is an offence under the criminal law of most jurisdictions in the USA, including New York, Delaware and California, and under US federal law, to try to conceal any offense committed by any person after the event. Hence, MC has committed an offence.


    1. The criminal law of the State of Delaware states that it is an offence to create an LLC for the purpose of committing an offence. It is an offence under the criminal law of most jurisdictions in the USA, including New York, Delaware and California, and under US federal law, to try to conceal any offense committed by any person after the event. Hence, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen(MC)has committed an offence.

      If Trump knew that MC intended to create an LLC in Delaware, and/or entice PP, and each of the four other persons, to enter into a NDA to conceal Trump’s adultery, still an offence in NY State, then Trump committed the federal offense of conspiracy, and of obstruction if Trump was being investigated at the time for any other reason.

      When Trump lied publicly at the end of January 2018 that he had not committed adultery with PP, then Trump tried to obstruct the Mueller investigation into conspiracy and obstruction.

      This is because the Steele Dossier alleges that Trump committed adultery with one or more persons in St Petersburg or Moscow. If Trump has a history of adultery in any jurisdiction, making him open to blackmail, then these are facts that Mueller will want to investigate further. Hence, if Trump claims publicly in Jan 2018 that he had not committed adultery in 2006, at the time an offence in NY State, then Trump is trying in 2018 to obstruct Mueller’s investigation.

      Trump does not have to lie to an FBI agent to be indictable by a grand jury for conspiracy, for obstruction, or for making a false statement to the US Government.

      The US Department of Justice must investigate the adultery between Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, an offence under the laws of the State of New York.

      The US Department of Justice must investigate attempts by Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, to intimidate, coerce, frighten, or threaten Daniels and others into signing NDAs.

      The US Department of Justice must investigate attempts by Trump to conspire with others to defraud the United States, the false statements made by Trump and his lawyers, and the attempts made by Trump and his lawyers to obstruct justice.


      1. Want to stop Trump? Then, we must support Stephanie Clifford (aka Daniels) v. Trump et al.

        Folks, this is the best shot we’ve got at dislodging this malignant parasite wasp and his swarm from their nest in the White House.

        Support metoo? Want to fight back against the Mafia Don and his family?

        Then we must support Stormy.


  5. The level and depth of Trump corruption, both personal and professional simply boggles the mind.


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