Hillary Clinton at Rutgers

Hillary Clinton is a necessary reality check today when we’re knee deep in idiocy and normalcy is hard to define.

Take a refreshing draught of what-really-matters. Give yourself time to listen. Let  Hillary’s intelligence and insight guide you through these dark days.

(Skip forward to 14:20 and avoid the long preamble prior to Hillary’s introduction.)


  1. Thank you for offering us this gem. I didn’t know if I could stand to listen — anticipating that it would be both exhilarating and painful since the election was stolen from her, from all of us who adore her, and whose dream was seeing this feminist in the White House. She defines the strength of our generation, and the excellence we struggled to deliver to the office of POTUS.
    Men who expect to continue to dominate culture must control us, and they fear the social movements they can’t control. Hillary gives purpose and strength to the social justice work that must press forward. Expect hell and offer it back. Plan to out-message, outflank, out-think and outpace those who demand you be nothing more than a support system for the misogynists who insist on controlling politics. Hillary advises that we toughen up — that it’s worth making the change we want to see. She’s absolutely right and always inspiring.

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