The Parasite in the White House


What is happening in Trump’s America isn’t about principles or policy or party. It is far deeper than partisanship. This is parasitism.

Donald Trump is the parasite, eating away at the marrow of the Republican Party, devouring the stanchions of its history, bleeding its conservative ideals and condemning its representatives to the dung heap of history.

So the parasite gorges on its host, spewing out the Grand Old Party in a pile of excrement. Members insert themselves in the maws of the parasite, lose their vitality, exhibit all the signs of pending death.

However, there’s something important to understand about this parasitic relationship. Without a host, the parasite ceases to exist.

We have to ask if the GOP knows, in a kind of Star Trek-final-solution way, that it must self-destruct rather than allow the parasite continued life?

How might the Republican Party self-destruct? In an inert way, it will die by doing nothing. Sooner or later, Trump the Parasite will chew through its bones and suck out its blood until nothing remains.

paul20ryan20waving20cpacThere’s a more efficient route toward party suicide. House Speaker Paul Ryan most recently took this path: death of the host by resignation.

Thus far, nearly three dozen Republican House members and three GOP senators have given notice. This includes power players like Ryan, Gowdy, Flake and Corker. A significant number on the potent House Judiciary are leaving.

Ironically, resignation is both a passive and an active dynamic. There’s no prospect of a future representation, and yet it is that absence of political repercussion that gives power to a resignation.

Bob Corker likened the White House to a day care center and questioned Trump’s competency. Jeff Flake’s ongoing condemnation of both Trump and the Republican Party is far more searing. In his historic address to Senate colleagues, the Arizona Republican warned of Trump’s authoritarian bent, likening him to Stalin. The day before announcing his retirement, Gowdy edited the infamous Nunes memo, piercing the myth that the FBI investigation was predicated on the Steele dossier. It was a single sentence with far-reaching results: “The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016 by FBI agent Pete Strzok.” |Emphasis added.|

Each resignation works to malnourish the predator that is Donald Trump. When the host body shrinks, the predator loses a bit of strength. It must suck more from the remaining host or seek fresh meat.

It’s not just Republican members of Congress freeing themselves from their blood-sucking monster. The populace is turning away. What remains is that oft-cited 30 percent of dedicated followers who’d rather be eaten alive than survive without their dear leader.

For Trump the Predator, this is bad news.

Notorious for his telescopic view, Trump funnels his actions to his base. Rather than appeal to a broad, inclusive audience (an ever larger host), he restricts his appeal to the core bloc (an ever-shrinking host). Eventually, this will become a starvation diet.

We can only hope that the parasite in the White House shrivels rather than expands, that this vampire loses its lifeblood and floats away like a pale, papery chaff in the breeze.

We hope this because the opposite is so dreadful.


  1. Reblogged this on Dancing Forward and commented:
    An allegorical synopsis, beautifully written and carefully composed by Go Blindly’s Grace Laine: “We can only hope that the parasite in the White House shrivels rather than expands, that this vampire loses its lifeblood and floats away like a pale, papery chaff in the breeze. We hope this because the opposite is so dreadful.”

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    1. Yes, this parasite and his band of baby parasites have already spread their slime to my personal life in terms of physical and emotional health. Endurance has its fraying edges. I follow the news judiciously. Not to follow does not insure personal peace and protection. This slimy era…this corrosion of the political state has changed all of us—some, like me, who are not young or middle aged, irreparably. I am working continuously to stay this side of collateral damage…to stand, even if holding on. I do not, cannot forgive the members of the republican party who worked tirelessly from the 1970s onward to achieve this political holocaust. And in conclusion: there is no excuse and no forgiving the “Hate Hillary” contingent of this country. It is gilded misogyny by a very wide section of the populace.

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      1. Hang in there, Naomi. The slime is affecting/infecting us all. We have to stay healthy to stay in the fight (sorry for the jingoism but it’s heartfelt). I follow the news too. I also take forced timeouts when it becomes too much.

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  2. Such a crazy epoch we’re living through. Not just shameful and insane, but DANGEROUS. If we do survive it, we’ll look back and be able to say WE WERE HERE and WE RESIST. Of course, it’s bat country because 45, but we’re fighting to survive the “peak oil” aftermath. And, man-induced global climate change. And, all kinds of things we’re not even talking about related to all-of-the-above. Thanks for your essay. Keep resisting, and I know you’ll GET OUT THE VOTE!

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  3. Damn, this is good! As GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC about the parasite’s White House: We’ve never seen the assemblage of crooks, just outright weirdos, wife-beaters, drunk drivers, complete and total incompetents that’s been assembled.”

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