Did Russian Oligarch Igor Makarov Drown at Defexpo 2018?


10 April 2018 – Chennai, India: According to an article in India Today, a Russian named Igor Makarov drowned while swimming in the ocean at Mamallapuram.

The deceased appears to be the same Makarov who was a Russian oil oligarch and native of Turkmenistan.

This Makarov was the founder of Itera International, a petroleum distribution company that provided gas to former Turk republics and Ukraine. Itera was bought by Rosneft in 2013 directly from Makarov. As a result Rosneft, controlled by Igor Sechin, became Russia’s largest oil and gas combine. Itera then rebranded itself as Areti. Recently, Makarov bought a fifty percent interest in News Stream, another energy company with a West Siberian oil refinery.

The article stated that Makarov ‘s death was confirmed by the Russian consulate and that an autopsy is pending. India Times assumed the cause of death was drowning but that was not confirmed. The circumstances of his death appear suspicious.

Makarov was a world-class bicyclist prior to entering the petroleum industry and remained an active cyclist. He promoted cycling and was the honorary president of the Russian Cycling Federation and founder and sponsor of his own cycling team, Katusha.

The India Times article stated that he was swimming with two colleagues. Another article stated Makarov was swimming alone but wearing a life jacket at the time of his drowning:

“While the friend stayed on shore, Makarov went for a swim. But he went missing after sometimes and his friend had screamed for help,” the police said.

Fishermen’s hunt for Makarov proved in vain. “As the Russian had worn a life jacket he was washed ashore after some time,” the police added. He was rushed to a hospital on the East Coast Road, where he was declared brought dead.Deccan Chronicle.

Makarov was attending the international defense conference, Defexpo 2018 and was part of the official Russian delegation.

According to its website, Areti is located in Switzerland, Russia, Cyprus, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Canada, and Jacksonville, FL. The company “is active in expanding its presence in the Middle East, one of the largest developing markets in the world.”

There is no notice of the death of Makarov at the Areti website. The articles announcing his death both state he was a was 55 year-old Russian national; Makarov was born in 1962.


  1. I haven’t confirmed this is the Igor Makarov of Itera. But indeed, Russian thuggery is an apt description.


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