Trump Trolls Don’t Really Care About America


I noticed something very telling about the Trump Twitter feed. His troll followers don’t care about natural disasters hitting the United States. They don’t care about the help offered by government agencies or NGOs. They do not care about the welfare of America. They are interested in one thing: Promoting Donald J. Trump.

How to tell? Engagement.

By simply tracking engagement, it’s also easy to identify (by numbers) those who are not likely Americans. It’s an inverse process but an eye-opener.

The day before Hurricane Florence made landfall, Trump sent out 30 tweets. Level of Likes varied noticeably according to a simple barometer. If they were related to the storm, troll favorability dropped. If the topic was almost anything else, favorability increased by 1500% or more.

This variance is shocking. Those who call themselves American Patriots ought to be overwhelmingly concerned about Hurricane Florence. However, just the opposite occurs. The most Likes of the day were attached to a Trump tweet bashing President Obama (151K). By contrast, retweets related to the storm garnered at most 43K hearts but averaged around ten thousand each.

The Trump trolls just do not care about America.

Take a look at the chronology of the day.

Here’s Donald’s first tweet of the day. It’s a reaction to comments by Jamie Dimon, who’d made a remark about running in 2020. Likes were 58,000.


Next, he boasts about storm readiness and the hearts slip by 13K.


Donald seems to be testing the waters, bringing up the FBI and DOJ. The Likes jump by 12K.


Donald is watching FOX. Here, he copies a quote by the author of The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme To Clear Hillary Clinton And Frame Donald Trump. Likeability falters. Perhaps it’s too generic with no target for hate.


See the difference when Hillary is mentioned? The hearts nearly double. Donald is still in Executive Time, getting his morning infusion of Fox.


This retweet naming former President Barack Obama is his most Liked tweet of the day, hauling in 151K hearts. Bullseye!

#6 7

Donald takes aim at his albatross – the Special Counsel investigation. And repeats his favorite meme: No Collusion. Trolls like it but not as much as jabs at Obama and Clinton.


Is there a middle class in Moscow? Likes drop by 8K.


The following two tweets created a backlash of outrage that extended across the nation and onto the island of Puerto Rico. Trolls didn’t launch Donald into the stratosphere (only Obama attacks gain that altitude). However the bifurcated claim got extra troll love: Likes increased by 11K and 24K compared to the previous tweet. More importantly for Donald, he was back in the headlines. The storm was getting wall-to-wall coverage. With these tweets, he hijacked the news stream, at least sporadically.


Ten tweets in and Donald retweets FEMA. His trolls really do not care. The hearts dramatically drop by 63K. By the way, what’s with the armed conflict attitude toward the hurricane (“Do not let your guard down”)?


Obviously noticing the lagging Likes, Donald rolls out another media target and indulges in his usual bravado. The tweet worked. Likes grew by 60,000, over 173%.


The next couple of retweets give a call out to the Coast Guard and National Guard units. The military flavor of fighting the storm is reinforced. Trolls are happy.



Trump targets the Democrat Senate and Senator Stabenow in particular and BOOM! Trolls respond heartily.


Scavino’s tweet did not push troll buttons.


This warning from FEMA generated 16 thousand Likes. Is this the actual number of the American Trump base?


The FOX logo perks attention and 43 thousand Likes. Is it about Hurricane Florence? Nope. This is defending Trumps defiant claim regarding American deaths in Puerto Rico from another hurricane.


Trump cannot resist. The trolls love his hate. All 106K of them.


Reading, especially books, is not a skill most trolls possess, especially if English is not their first language.


ALL OF THESE ARE RETWEETS RELATED TO HURRICANE FLORENCE. They are his last tweets of the day. Someone must have told him to act concerned. His trolls do not care. Unlike the 151K Likes from the Obama bashing, the most these tweets generate is ten thousand Likes.

Trump trolls don’t really care about America.


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