Legal Declaration by Julie Swetnick

On 26 September, a third allegation of sexual impropriety against Judge Brett Kavanaugh shattered the already disturbing confirmation hearing. Julie Swetnick, a resident of Washington DC and graduate of Gaithersberg High School in Maryland released a Declaration naming both Kavanaugh and his old friend Mark Judge.

Swetnick, represented by media savvy attorney Michael Avenatti, claims that over a two-year period she attended at least ten weekend parties where she personally saw Kavanaugh and Judge in attendance. Most were in the DC area but included one occasion in Ocean City, MD during Beach Week.

Swetnick says the two men were “joined at the hip” and consistently drunk and disorderly. Her accusations include multiple sexually aggressive actions toward women by Kavanaugh. Swetnick’s most serious claim accused Kavanaugh and Judge of drugging girls at parties and then joining in gang rapes of the inebriated victims.

Swetnick says she was gang-raped in 1982 at a gathering where the two men were present. She also says she told “at least two people” shortly after her rape and that other witnesses exist.

The three-page sworn Declaration by Julie Swetnick is below.





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