Are These Julie Swetnick’s Witnesses?

In her Declaration naming Brett Kavanaugh as a high schooler who degraded females and participated in gang rapes, Julie Swetnick noted that at least two people can help corroborate her own rape experience, and that other witnesses exist.

Julie Swetnick


Interestingly, the Gaithersburg High School Alumni Site shows a list of names described as “Recent Members.” Three of these share the same graduation year: 1980. Their names are Darlene Doyebi, Tina Davis and JULIE SWETNICK.


Now, this is pure speculation but why would Swetnick decide 38 years after graduation to sign up with the Gaithersburg High Alumni website? And why would two females also in her graduating class do the same?

Again, speculation but what if the three females were establishing their identity in advance of a highly public hearing involving a Supreme Court nominee? (Only Gaithersburg grads can create accounts at the site.)

What if Swetnick hoped to trigger memories of other classmates to document her allegations? Or discover new charges against Kavanaugh through chats at the site?

What if she signed up with the website to obtain current addresses and contact information of the “other witnesses that can attest” to her “truthfulness”?

There’s lots of potential here. Or it may be a load of bunk. We may never know. Trump is prohibiting a full FBI investigation into Julie Swetnick.

But keep your eye on this, just in case.


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