The Lame Ducks Last Stand

The Lame Duck GOP House Members (l-r): Darrell Issa, Bob Goodlatte, Trey Gowdy

The former FBI director was on the Hill at the request of lame duck Republicans in the House Judiciary and Oversight committees on Friday, 7 December 2018. James Comey’s full 235-page transcript was released a day later and can be read here.

Bob Goodlatte, chair of the Judiciary, said in his preamble that he and Trey Gowdy asked for Comey’s presence to look into “decisions made and not made by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding the 2016 Presidential election.”

That explanation is as meaningless as a gummy bear.

Goodlatte and Gowdy have nothing to lose with the sham hearing. Both are retiring at the end of their current terms. Darrell Issa gave notice too. (The white nationalist Steve King, the racist, anti-Semitic, Idiot King Louie Gohmert and famed friend-of-pedophiles Jim Jordan will return for the next Congress –  along with a handful of their lesser known chums on the committees.)

This was a Last Stand – another sham distraction for the sham occupant in the White House. It stands in direct opposition to their Senate counterparts’ fulsome public hearing of Comey in June of 2017.

Having cast aside his political career, Gowdy felt emboldened to suddenly label the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email as the “Clinton Espionage Act investigation.” He repeated this several times, angling for another spot on Fox perhaps, until Comey stopped him and disputed his classification. Said Comey: “I’ve never applied the label of Espionage Act investigation. It was an investigation into the mishandling of classified information.”

This was very early into the interview. Readers of the transcript hear the same stupid ‘badgering the witness,’ and ‘leading the witness’ questions; men who are former prosecutors asking the former FBI agent to testify about meetings where he was not present and explain the actions or intentions or words of others – prohibitions known by Law and Order devotees as “hearsay.”

This entire Republican gambit was just more of the Kill Hillary mantra that has infected the party since before she announced her candidacy. They keep dredging up her name, accusing her of make-believe crimes churned out by hucksters like Alex Jones.

The GOP are hapless in their endeavor. They are arrogantly unaware that the vast majority of Americans no longer care about Hillary’s emails. The vast majority of Americans are attuned to the complex Russian propaganda conspiracy that propagated hoaxes about Hillary Clinton. The vast majority of Americans are incensed about the Russian agent in the White House and his Republican enablers in Congress. A large number of Americans find it easier to read legal filing from the Special Counsel’s office than to listen to the ramblings of shameless members of Congress on their own witch hunt.

The Goodlatte and Gowdy hearing was a seven-hour practice in quackery. Their Republican compatriots nothing more than quacks. We are done with the Lame Ducks. Americans want Mueller the Big Game Hunter to bring home the Prize.


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