Don’t Worry, Donald Is Working Hard

Donald has shutdown part of the U.S. government because “Wall”. Rather than celebrate with the Trump’s down in Florida over the Holidays, he will suffer it out in the Oval Office. Donald wants the 420,000 federal employees working without pay and the 380,000 forced into leave without pay to know he’s with you.

Yes, Donald is working hard. He’s right there beside you, throwing his shoulder into the hard work of running the Executive Office.

Donald is performing the arduous task of signing bills. So many bills! Just look at the bigly stack of bills!



Look at the resolve on Donald’s face. Look at the pen poised above the first of so many bills – the clean white cover page ready to accept his jagged signature – look at the stack of bills nearly overshadowing Donald’s head but coming just short because … you know why. See the polished desktop, the OCD look of artifice, those two phones tilted just so within grasp of his … ahem, petite hands, the backdrop of black windows, void of the liveliness stirring on the periphery.

Here is one of the more significant of those many, many bills.



Look at the smiling faces. Look at Donald. He is so very happy and is showing a bigly grin with teeth. At his side, the Mistress of Baby Cages, the Secretary of DHS. Her teeth are showing too. She is so glad to be in the Oval Office, standing next to Donald, away from the mean people on Capitol Hill who ask hard questions and call her a liar.

Donald has rescued the Mistress of Baby Cages, brought her into the shelter of his cold environs, and celebrates her loyalty with a photo and a Special Law. Yes, this is H.R. 7213 by which the DHS Office of Domestic Nuclear Detection is renamed the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office.

Yes! Such hard work, renaming a cell somewhere in DHS. Such a majestic sounding name. Such camaraderie. And I bet the Mistress of Baby Cages got a pen out of it. Lucky girl!

So the work goes on. The flourish of the pen, the click of the photo, the teeth, those smiles looking at you while you enjoy your Christmas without a paycheck. It’s all worth it, right?

“Wall” requires sacrifice. But Donald is with you, signing those Important bills.


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