Saturday Night Live with Ming

Do you know Ming? Ming talk in brutal brevity, a primitive code that belies some kind of crazy or maybe some sort of covert knowledge. Read him long and often enough, check the comments, the pings, the tagged accounts. Ask how your higher level thinking skills are working.

Trump prbly not only fire fed chair but withdraw US from NATO and WTO.

— Ming Nethery (@MingGao26) December 22, 2018

I like to read through the replies. That’s when the caustic Ming tweets start to coalesce around concrete crazy things – though the one above is plainly understandable – and the full Ming galaxy of explainers and jokesters and compatriots round up.

Trump prbly not only fire fed chair but withdraw US from NATO and WTO.

That is a JFC statement all by itself! But let’s look at what this tweet engendered. First, there’s Connie whose catastrophic thinking plunges her immediately from NATO to Japan.

Oh my God and I also read Putin wants us out of Japan!😡

— Connie Rodebaugh (@connie_rodeconn) December 22, 2018

Then comes BopoH with a twist of sardonic humor, a mainstay of Ming friends.

Following Russian tradition, I have start buying appliances: 2 refrigerators, 3 microwaves, 2 sawing machines.
Pity I have small kitchen.
Trump can easily store Best Buy in his NY apartment.
Better be ready than sorry.

BopoH (@Bopon71) December 22, 2018

Adin has on his serious cap and thinks same about Japan.

And Japanese bases as Putin said is problem US in Japan.

Adin (@RealCrimea) December 22, 2018

thinking that to alsong with south korea to get some kinda credit on nuke deal with putins help.

Ming Nethery (@MingGao26) December 22, 2018

Not sure about that. Putin supplies some of the rocket parts. He likes to have North Korea as his pet unstabilizer in region. Saves him money. Same as keeping Syria active, Taliban, Libya and other Wagner hotspots in Africa.

Adin (@RealCrimea) December 22, 2018

agree mostly, but Trumps gonna need some kinda win. atleast in theory, unlikely to progress tho

Ming Nethery (@MingGao26) December 22, 2018

Ming and friends write without regard to typos.

But are you following the seriousness of this thread?

HIT THE BRAKES. Screeech. This is crazy talk. Trumpo withdraws from NATO? Trumpo leaves the World Trade Organization? The U.S. pulls out of Japan, South Korea, something-something Wagner hotspots in Africa?

That’s on par with the death of the modern Russian state, a forecasted possibility chatted up in another Ming string of comments by someone named BrianSKotkin, and if this seems outwardly crazy, then BrianSKotkin suggests “looking up info on falling value of the ruble, Russia’s currency; drop in oil prices, Russia’s chief export; and protests over Russia’s pension fund, and it’s latest ‘reform’.”  There’s more.

Although biggest problem is that Russian mafia has used the public treasury as their slush fund for years, causing widespread and long-term damage to virtually every part of their country

BrianSKotkin has many ideas – about global affairs, dark money, transnational criminal networks, algorithms and quantum computing – a smörgåsbord of other worldly subjects and by the very act of recognizing these phrases and joining them into sentences, he assumes some kind of authority. But I don’t know. This has all the juiciness of shady secrets, parsed out in tiny siphons to awestruck twitterers. Is it reality based? What do you think?

The stream moves on to Putin invading Ukraine, and someone named Michelle talks about “fast-forwarding their Trump action plan for America’s downfall.”

On and on it goes: the death knell for world trade, the death knell for dark money, the death knell for Putin, the death knell for Trump, the death knell for America, Israel’s anger, where are the Kochs?, where is Adelson? and then, a bright spot.

Dec 22

Replying to

Next time listen to the lady in the pantsuit …

Thanks Donna, I needed that.


Hello. Snatched back to firm ground. I’m staying in this space for a little while. Ming laugh and laugh but Ming not funny. Ming not even real says Fraude. (Buried lede but if you read this far, you’ll check the link.)

Hillary is real.

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