Meanwhile @jack Apologizes to Kushner’s Fellow Traveler Red Pill Black

It helps to have a million followers like Candace Owens. Then the “Team” will jump on your appeal and Jack Dorsey will issue you a public apology and a big Thank You for calling out the Team’s screw-up. Seems it also helps to be a right wing idealogue prone to saying despicable things in homage to Trump. That moves Jack.

Heck, I’m just shy of a million. If Jack and the Team restored my account, I’d only have 999,995 more followers to catch up to Candace.

Oh, Candace is prone to say things like this:

… and to my mind, that sounds a helluva lot like targeted harassment to me. People get banned for this, don’t they Jack? Or do those TOS only apply if you have less than a million followers?

Well, I don’t like snark. And surely Jack Dorsey isn’t moved by a little thing like Follower count when it comes to enforcing his TOS. No really, how crass of me. Jack is moved by big things – like the Kushner Bros and their Big Bucks from faraway lands and evil empires. Amnesia. Jack surely had a bout of it when he forgot that Red Pill Black took a little trip with Jared and Ivanka and her new boss Charlie Kirk to Jerusalem.

candy and kush

It’s not so much that Jared pushes the Twitter button, though he does have a bit of cash invested in the blue bird. It’s the bruh thing, as in Josh Kushner, who runs Thrive Capital where Jack Dorsey acts as an esteemed advisor to the venture capitalist. You’ll have to dig to find the Jack and Josh Connection but it’s there.

dorsey thrive

I’m wasting my time on Real Candy.

Time to make more constructive use of my time and finish my article on Jack Dorsey, Josh Kushner and the $1B gift from MbS.


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