Down the Hole We Go?

In less than an hour online, I learned:

  • Donna Brazile, one of the first Dem women to launch a dagger in Hillary Clinton’s back after the Electoral College voted for Trump, just joined Fox News.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand, former ally of Hillary Clinton and then another of the post-Electoral College back stabbers, is not on speaking terms with Hillary. Who’s surprised?
  • Mayor Pete, who seemed like a smart fellow, is a bro who thinks trashing Hillary Clinton will get him votes. This explains why Joe Scarborough was fawning over his new up-and-coming star.
  • Sanders hired a team of Hillary head hunters. And surprise! Twitter has finally decided en masse that his sole purpose is to divide the Dems per Putin’s plan. :::sigh::

My field is narrow. Very narrow. Kamala. Amy. Cory.

No, I’m not going down that hole again.

On 9 March 2019, Jack Dorsey banned me from Twitter for daring to criticize Donald Trump. My single tweet was labeled a “violation.” It was no violation. It was a legitimate expression based on common sense. I have joined the gaslit nation, one of the many portrayed unfairly and silenced unilaterally.

To my 5,391 Twitter Followers:

Please tell @jack To Restore My Account (@TAW3343)




    1. Pris, I sent you the best version of the tweet in a reply to your text.

      It’s really important to know two things:
      1. I was responding to an animation showing the nuclear annihilation of the world while Trump floated around with a pacifier in his mouth and
      2. People were freaking out because of reports about activity at the North Korea missile site.

      For my one tweet to a cartoon, Twitter accused me of targeted harassment.


  1. I’ve sent Jack Dorsey a message and appeal to understand the harshness of banning you from Twitter and to ask him to reconsider and reinstall your account. We miss you, and I’m glad to catch up with your writings here.


    1. Thanks Pris. I just ran across another blog called Deep State Nation that was banned. Looks like @jack and/or trump trolls are censoring critics of trump. Any promotion you can do to @jack on Twitter will help.

      I’ve appealed and got an instant reply that my account “will not be restored.” So this is totally one-sided. I’ve seen on reddit that many, many accounts are getting suspended/banned and we have no recourse other than this so-call appeal which usually goes to a bot. This is censorship.


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