The Infrastructure Coup

I wasn’t happy hearing about the Chuck and Nancy infrastructure meeting over at the White House today.

Then little chinks of data fell into place. I was eating garlic-heavy pasta and watching PBS. These activities were not connected other than that my brain was spinning around in right brain sparks  – and then it happened.

A few hours earlier, I’d posted links to two articles from my other blog. One documented a Russian cyber attack, the other one by the Lazarus group, a North Korean hacking ring. Both effectively penetrated the infrastructure of the United States.

You see where I’m going with this?

Pssst, don’t tell Donald Trump but “infrastructure” includes things like power grids.

The thing about Donald and his minions is that they are stupid. Like really, really stupid (Don’t believe me? Read the section on George Papadapoulos in Mueller’s report)

Speaker Pelosi is very smart. Her brain works like a battle commander. She strategizes. Looks for her opponent’s weaknesses. Locates that vulnerability and then plans how best to weaponize it.

Trump’s overwhelming weakness is not so much his vanity as it is his stupidity.

Speaker Pelosi has given Donald a small victory. He gets to boast and gloat about putting one over Chuck and Nancy and blah, blah, blah.

Speaker Pelosi is on the road to a major coup. Once that infrastructure bill becomes law with the blessings of the dullard in the White House, then the cyber backbone of the United States power grid can be replaced. The Russian or North Korean or Chinese malware will be rendered useless.

This cyber stranglehold over our country’s power grid is tantamount to a guillotine held over the head of each citizen, the defense department, our government, the election systems, every financial institution, medical center, media combine, the internet and IOT – everything!

There is no Trump cult. There is only a massive cyber threat from our enemies. Nancy Pelosi is pulling an infrastructure coup.

Never underestimate the power of a smart woman. You will lose every time.



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