Day Two of the #TwitterBlackout

6:20am, May 28 – Day Two of the #twitterblackout and it’s the number one worldwide trending topic.


Before writing this post, I searched #TwitterBlackout and what appeared overwhelmingly were articles dated 9 and 10 November 2016.

I don’t recall a blackout then. I was in mourning. But many accounts protested the election results with social media withdrawal. The reaction was swift and huge with news reporting from national and international outlets. People substituted their avatars for solid black squares and the hashtags #NotMyPresident and #AlwaysWithHillary first appeared.

The resistance had yet to be born but would soon arrive. In those days, we still echoed the phrases that moved us: “Stronger Together” and “Love Trumps Hate.” We saw ourselves united: people of color, the LGBT tribe, the spectrum of ethnicities, cultures and gender identities. All of us against the hate of the patriarchal white male and his straight world view. Our words were impassioned yet gentle.

Twitter users are not the same.

The hate we protested three years ago manifested, became law, became murder, became the norm. And that hate has permeated all of us.

The words Love Trumps Hate have lost their power. I admit that I scoff at the message. I admit that I carry with me the darkest hatred for one old white man, that I wish him dead on a near daily basis.

I can see no way out of this morass of evil except by removing the evil. The evil will not remove itself.

What’s also evident and equally frightening is that we – the resistance – are losing strength. Because we no longer have a collective sense of purpose.

The #TwitterBlackout is an example of this: rather than disagree, name-calling commences.

The more pronounced sign of this split is centered upon the idea of impeachment and the actions of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

Most of us locate ourselves on the Impeach Now! side or the hold hearings-gather evidence-sway public perception side. We ALL want impeachment. Yet we’re tearing each other apart over strategy.

Sadly, this infighting is brutal and in the long run, it won’t make a damn bit of difference to Nancy Pelosi, who actually has an impeachment strategy.

I think we should take note that Rep. Maxine Waters, who has publicly called for impeachment for over a year, in opposition to the leader of her caucus, does not condemn Nancy Pelosi for her strategy and does not demand that Pelosi abdicate her position.

So this #TwitterBlackout gives me time to think – something required of all of us.

I am exhausted. I want it over. Many days, I am too paralyzed with shock or disgust or hatred to form a cogent thought.

We have to use our brains. Because, hard as this may seem, the worst is still ahead. And we have no ground game, no collective strategy, no leaders (though I choose Hillary Clinton as mine).

We have to think about the forces that are coalescing not just around the corrupt little monster in the White House but globally. This worries the hell out of me. We, the American people, are in a classic abusive relationship with the current occupant of the White House. And like an abuser, he is separating us from our friends and allies, diminishing our resources, doing his damnedest to disempower us while telling all his buddies that we are the problem.

The only way out is to assert our independence and overthrow the abuser. He gets no more second chances. In this case, we’re talking about someone who holds the most powerful position on earth and we better be damn sure our strategy is foolproof before we act.

Think on that.

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